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I would love to have ANY input on this subject. Where is the rule book on giving PRN pain medication ?? Does anyone out there have any input ?? :uhoh3:... Read More

  1. by   deehaverrn
    must first confess that i didn't read every page..just first and page 6, so i apologize if i missed important stuff
    if you are an "at will state" they can fire you whenever they want. but it does sound like overkill to report to the bon
    i know someone who gave a po med IV and she had absolutely no consequences (the pt required extra monitoring but was thankfully unharmed), i thought she should at least be suspended and have to take a medication safety course since she ignored many safeguards in the whole process..
    I only give prn meds 5 minutes early...otherwise i call and get an order for the change. I have come across nurses who thought if the order called for "two capsules every four hours" they could give "one every two hours"--even had patients argue with me that this was the way they wanted it.
  2. by   purple_rose_3
    Quote from deehaverrn
    I have come across nurses who thought if the order called for "two capsules every four hours" they could give "one every two hours"--even had patients argue with me that this was the way they wanted it.
    You can't do that?
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    Mustang, congrats on the job! I think you're going to be working with me- I look forward to seeing you!
  4. by   MustangSallie1997
    Hey Fire................. What makes you think we will be working together ? If so, what a small world !!!
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    I'll PM you where I work, and you can tell me if we'll be working together .
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    DEE, thanks for your input. A lot will change for me in the future !! I hope everyone understands that I did not make this a habit, obviously I would call the MD if it became a pattern, but if she needed meds because she had taken a shower or been too active, I was practiced with the understanding that it was OK. My life has changed so much in the past few months, not really for the bad. This happened for a reason, I have wanted to change career paths for a long time but I have become a creature of habit. This has forced me to intertain other options, and for that I am very excited !!!:spin:
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    It is a small world. I think you'll love it there. It's a very stress-free environment.
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    I could use a lot less stress in my life right about now !!!
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    Congrats hon I am happy to read of your new job
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    I may be guilty of a lot of things, but failing to be a patient advocate is not one of them, and neither is stealing/abuseing/misusing narcotics. Funny how life works, how you can look back at one moment in your life, and see how it changed EVERYTHING !!! I am saddened over the loss of my former life, but I am even more excited about the birth of my new one !! I cant even begin to explain how this has changed me, but it has, probably in even more ways than I even realize at this point.
    I am so thankful that I found all of you guys, everyone has been so supportive, and the vibe of this entire site is very positive. I have found a bunch of fellow nurses and nurses to be that seem to do nothing but try to build you up and make you stronger. Dont get me wrong, they speak their minds, but in a positive way. I really feel finding this site was one of the big turning points for me, and for that I am greatful.
  11. by   enfermera1
    PRN meds are exactly that . When needed. Generally PRN meds should be order for patients that can ask for them .They are scheduled depending on the MD orders. You have o make sure to state reason and effectiveness at least an hour after med given. Hope this helps.
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    Heidisuz..............Where have you gone ??? Is all OK ??
  13. by   lorster
    Quote from HeidiSuz
    This seems so highly unfair. I had a simular circumstance until the state changed the first time rule for a complaint. I have had two other complaints that dropped which I learned how to do it here through a good attorney. " Try not to get excited," he said, and " use your head
    not your emotions." It worked for me.

    Getting back to what happened to me. I was working an agency and had for a long time at a facility, about 8 months and one day a nursing assistant did not like me and perhaps had a resentment of some kind. She wrote me up got someone to sign it and then submitted it to my agency. I was fired and got two complaints in one day, one was for not putting a bed at 45 degrees and I had the bed at 30 which trying to give the pt. a cup of water while he smacked his lips and he was contracted. Now, in order to do this was difficult.

    Also the other complaint was I used the word A-- for donkey and the nursing assistant did not like it. The last complaint was dropped. I went to heck and back with the first because I was caught off guard and not knowing what to do. If only I had had a good attorney it would have been dropped, I am sure. So what I have learned is never attack a complaint. Give as little as possible information and write letters that are extremely good mannered. For instance, get information off the web, maybe medline that will back up a 30 min. rule and then, thank the BON or whomever for bringing this to your attention and treat it as a learning experience.

    Today I have worked through what was done to me. The complaint was not put into the BON by the Nursing Assistant but by my staffer at my agency who at the time was my roommate and she lost her job as the agency closed in my town. She got mad at me and sent the complaint to state without telling anyone. She said damaging things about me also. I have had to pray for her to forgive her. She is the poor one as I am still working as a nurse.

    I had to take a year's probation, this was over five years ago. Then today, the BON rules changed again where first time complaints are dropped. It is something I have had to get over. It is difficult to explain at times everytime I go for a job. And, also someday I will have something done about it if it does not drop from the record. The thing is stupid to me. Nothing happened to the patient. I dropped a cup of water that day apparently while someone was looking. I hope this is not too much detail but tells a story and helps someone else. Thank you. Good luck to you. Listen to the attorneys, they will help you and follow this all the way through then you can no more and be done with it and move on, it is not cause to loose a license. Do what the BON says. Keep moving on. I have my hard times and good times. I keep going. It is all in a day's work.
    BYE Keep us posted. Thank you again, for letting me share. Please keep sharing.

    I'm totally confused. You got a years probation from the BON for spilling water and calling a donkey an ass? Did I misunderstand this?