Thank you note after interview

  1. What do you usually do for your thank you notes after an interview? Do you type a business type letter and send it? A handwritten note? A Thank-you card with handwritten note? Or do you send an e-mail?

    I feel a letter is the best way but in these days, an e-mail would get there faster. And if there are a few people up for a job that might make a difference, right? But is an e-mail less formal and appear to take less effort?
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  3. by   SuesquatchRN
    I do a hand-written note on simple note cards.

    "Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me on ....

    "The position looked very interesting, and I look forward to hearing from you soon."
  4. by   JoyfulRN14
    I do a business format letter.
    To me, I would rather bit a little over-formal than not formal enough. If the manager is more old-fashioned and I send a hand-written note, I wouldn't want them to take that as being young and not as serious.

    I do keep the business letter warm though, so it doesn't seem too "much".
    "Dear Ms. ______:
    Thank you for the opportunity to meet with you yesterday regarding the ______ position. I appreciate the time you and the members of your team spent with me."
    I then briefly (a couple sentences) say why I am a great candidate for the job, incorporating something that came up during the interview.
    I end it with:
    "Please feel free to contact me if you require further information, and thank you again for your time and consideration.

    I wouldn't do an email, but that's my personal opinion. If you put your letter in the mail the same or next day from your interview, they should get it within a day, and they usually haven't made a decision in that short of time.
  5. by   Cupcake2
    Where do you send the thank you note? to the hospital? what if their business card doesn't have a distinct address
  6. by   Russianred, BSN
    ^ Good question, who do you send the thank you card to? I'm assuming the exact person who interviewed you? That would only make sense.
  7. by   Dumplins
    I second that question. bumping this thread so others can see it.

    i'm assuming you send it to the hospital address with ATTN to their name?
  8. by   Russianred, BSN
    To specify even further, you can add their department, then their name underneath such as:

    Healing Hope Hospital
    Intensive Care Unit
    Joe Nurse
    123 Medical Way
    Woundsworth, XX 12345
  9. by   walker04
    I will be doing this next week. I think i am going to mail a simple thank you card, the day after i have my interview. Thats my vote!
  10. by   Russianred, BSN
    Good call. I just got a job at pediatric practice. My first interview since graduating, I also sent a thank you card that SAME day. No issues! HR tomorrow, PHysical Friday, Orientation Tueday .

    So I would say that a thank you card is pretty important for a good impression!
  11. by   walker04
    Ok, thats what i thought. I already have them ready to fill out after my interview next friday. I will mail them before i leave town to come home. Thanks for the confirmation to my thoughts as well.