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I had an interview at a Hospital this morning in Ga for one of their ICU units. Basically the interview went horrible and I was ripped to shreds from the moment they walked in through the door. I was... Read More

  1. by   gaonsi
    This post has been very interesting to read. Although I'm terribly sorry you felt disrespected, did you realize the hospital you were stepping into?! You're talking an inner city hospital in a downtown metro area. Sometimes the nurses should not be of concern, but your patient population. And truthfully, if you couldn't handle their aggressive interview style, you'd probably not be able to handle the docs, the patients, the families, the locale, on top of having to step on the floor and be the best regardless of if you're new or not. You're going to an ICU, people are critically sick. They can't be waiting for you while you're dryin your tears in the bathroom and they're going into hemorrhagic shock and the surgeon, RT, charge nurse and anesthesiologist are rushing you to the OR. With all you have to learn, you should be comfortable after a year with basic tasks like IV line maintenance and inserting urinary catheters, giving blood because unfortunately, they can't teach you basics you should have learned in nursing school or at your previous jobs. And they ask you questions about customer services scores not necessarily because they care about the scores of your previous institution but because they want to know that YOU know and are aware of them. That's knowin your performance indicators is something on your mind.
    Again I'm sorry, the notion of nurses eating their young still happens and I know I've gone home crying many a times. But I held my head high, waiting until I got out of the parking lot and burst into tears. Don't let people see you sweat, it gives them motivation. Lets all stop pretending that some nurses aren't mean. People are men! They will always be mean, don't interact with them when you're outside of work and simply don't become what you don't like. But also don't take things personally. I guarantee that when you were writing this post, those nurses had long forgotten about you while you're still expending energy being sad and angry at their behavior.