Kaiser RN assessment test

  1. Anyone know about the RN pre employment assessment test?

    I took it today and thought I got all the questions correct.

    However, it says I didn't meet retirements and gave me a link to the career section. No score or anything.

    Anyone know the process if you fail the assessment test? They give you another chance or what?

    Kind of ruined my afternoon.
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  3. by   Esme12
    What the heck was on the test? I found this....http://www.rn.com/getpdf.php/1585.pdf
  4. by   NickiLaughs
    This is probably too late. But I was told that if you didn't pass you wouldn't be able to apply for a job again for 6 months. Not sure if it's across the board or what.
  5. by   Calinurse4
    When I took it, it immediately told me I met the requirements so my info was forwarded to the manager. I asked the recruiter and she told me the test was good for one year, if I applied for any other positions. Maybe call HR and ask?
  6. by   scubarat
    I also just took the test a few days ago and had the same message as calinurse4 did. Still haven't heard back from them. I caught myself making a stupid mistake several questions in so Im pretty sure I missed a few. Anybody know if this thing is pass/fail? Have u heard back anything Noahj?
  7. by   Noahj
    OK, I'm back.

    The first time through I didn't know it was a pass/fail, 89% to pass.

    I applied to a similar position last week and just got an email to take the test again.

    I think what got me was the dose calculations. Haven't done those in years and paniced and screwed it up.

    I'm going to do a quick dose conversion study and retake it.

    I really want a chance at this position as it's Monday-Friday 9-5. Hospital bedside nursing is going down the crapper in a hurry. I need a change.
  8. by   Noahj
  9. by   RedRN1210
    Is the test mainly medication calculations? I am scheduled to take that and the behavioral assessment test. Just curious what is included.
  10. by   Kuriin
    Giving this a bump. I have a "soft offer" in their MedSurg Tele unit and was wondering what kind of questions will be on this??
  11. by   Kuriin
    Just finished it. Incredibly easy med calc, haha.
  12. by   Sanme0
    I just took the medication test and passed as well. What happens afterwards? and how long should I wait to hear back? Thanks!
  13. by   RxNurseICU
    What happened after you took the mediation test that you passed?
  14. by   Annachu512
    I did the assessment Friday Dec 30th and still waiting for a call :/ I did apply for another position in the area and got that assessment request today. I only had to log on and not retake the assessment since I had already passed one. Now hopefully I just get some kind of call soon. I have never had contact with a recruiter or anything.

    Anyone that got called for an interview - how long after your assessment did you receive a call??