job interview questions in nursing home

  1. I have an interview in a nursing home. Please does anyone know the questions i shall be asked and the best answer to give back .thankyou
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  3. by   sallyrnrrt
    what experiences have you had that you coukd build upon being a successful LTC nurse

    ans. detail ortiented, multi task, preforms well under pressure etc. a desire to protect and advocate for a vunerable population....flexible

    what shifts are you available
  4. by   Morainey
    They often ask scenario-based questions about "what woud you do in this situation". Or, "tell me about a time where your two coworkers had a disagreement and you had to settle it"... etc etc. Also, there is the oldie-but-goodie, where do you see yourself in five years.
  5. by   Himal
    Hi friends thank you for your help. They asked me some questions and are again calling me for tomorrow. They told that they can ask some nursing related questions. Can you plz help me what kind of questions may be asked by them. Thank you
  6. by   hope3456
    1. Define your strengths and weaknesses - usually 3 of each.

    2. Will ask your how to do certain basic procedures.

    3. Why do you want to work here?

    4. Describe how you are a team player

    5. Anything preventing you from making it to work

    6. How you would deal with difficult situations
    Including management of difficult residents

    7. How you manage stress?

    Just a few that come to mind. Good luck!
  7. by   Himal
    Thank you very much it was very helpful.
  8. by   hope3456
    How did your interview go and what did they ask you?
  9. by   Himal
    They just asked me some basic questions like about my experience, time I am willing to work, they also asked me how you handle abuse, nothing special related to nursing.