How long are Panel Interviews?

  1. Hi everyone,

    How long are panel interviews? this question is a bit strange .. but situation is I have 2 interviews scheduled back to back. #1 at 9am and #2 at 10am back to back and can't reschedule because they said its the only day their interviewing. Luckily its at the same hospital and i accidentally told #2 that I had interview with another unit too. The 1st interview doesn't know I've got another right after thiers. Of course if they wanted to they can pull up my files and figure out which other place i applied to.

    So... what to do? if its longer than 1 hr i'm screwed for second interview as i'd be late or a no show. But i can't rush em either. Of course all is well if eveyrone starts on time and it finishes at the 50 min mark. LOL i know the worlds weirdest deilmma. This would be my 1st real interview as a nurse.
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  3. by   nursegirl75
    its usually 30minutes to 1 hour. Mine was suppose to be only 30 minutes but with 6 people asking me questions and explaining the unit to me, it took 1 hour for me... :/ on the plus side, I did get the job haha
  4. by   Inori
    Thanks for reply.. I dont suppose there's a graceful way of saying I needto leave in 1 hr other than just do my best to relax and not glare at watch
  5. by   CherylRNBSN
    I just had an interview, and the manager was very nice, actually encouraging me to interview and shadow other units in the hospital. They really want the right fit for both parties. So I think you are free to be perfectly honest, and say that you are also interviewing on mEd-durg, ER, whatever.

    HR already knows anyway. My interview lasted 1.5 hrs. So I would tell them ahead of time. It will be far more graceful and professional than being late for 2nd interview or abruptly ending first if they are not finished!

    It is not unusual and there is nothing wrong w applying for multiple positions in same hospital.

    BTW, once I left my med surg unit to work on dialysis unit. After 6 weeks, I realized I hated it. Went back to old manager (in same institution), for advice. She gave me wonderful advice I have found to be v true. Said Dialysis would not want a miserable employee, just be truthful, and she welcomed me back to med surg! It really was that easy. I later transferred to critical care, and found my "spot".
    Good luck!
  6. by   Inori
    thanks for advice!! gulp lol after sending out resumes so long now i'm both happy and scared just the though of going into a panel interview room with a bunch of people asking me questions. Ok scared lol kinda hard to explain but underneath my confident exterior its just a small mouse huddled in the corner.

    So i guess review topics for the unit i'm applying for, memorize some drugs and pre-answer some scenario type questions, interview questions,

    I welcome any suggestions and thank you in advance for your help.
  7. by   nursegirl75
    sorry for the late reply. try googling nursing interview questions and practice with someone. Always always have a story to back-up everything you say...any experiences from nursing school, clinicals, and other non-nursing job experiences are good examples. I made sure to have good stories to explain my character and what experiences i had. when you interview, make sure you smile and speak calmly and make eye-contact with the interviewers. A plus, is have a really great story that will stick! Gluck!