Have an interview.. what to wear??

  1. So I landed an interview at my dream hospital here in Chico, in Med/Neuro, and am so so excited!! I work at 2:30pm on the day of the interview, which is scheduled for 1pm. The lady on the phone (I think it was the nurse manager but not sure..) said "since you work at 230, just come in scrubs!" I said "Are you sure??" She said yeah, of course!

    All I've ever heard is that interviewing in scrubs is a big no-no, and I can easily change into my scrubs in the restroom after the interview if I do decide to wear a suit.

    What do you guys think?? Should I go ahead and wear scrubs since she told me to, or wear a suit anyway?

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  3. by   calivianya
    I would go ahead and wear a suit, personally. It would be even better if she is in fact the person who wants to interview you and remembers advising you to wear scrubs. It would give you the opportunity to say something awesome like "I wanted to make sure I looked my absolute best for you." Win! And hey, if she's not the same person... at least you will look awesome.
  4. by   jadelpn
    Wear a suit, bring your scrubs. I agree with the pp--
    "Professionlism is important to me".
  5. by   Jory
    The lady was being courteous. I have went to one job interview in my life (that I was hired for), because I was on my lunch hour and in uniform. I told the HR lady this when she called me for an interview, "Just so you know, I'll have to come for the interview in my uniform because I'll be in the middle of my work day," and the woman that interviewed me was told this as well.

    With that said, I FIRMLY believe if you can wear a suit you should...if you have time to change, by all means change. I was in the middle of my work day and didn't have time...just be mindful that you don't schedule the interview so close to your work time that you are going to be late for work or do not have time to change.
  6. by   llg
    Definitely wear the suit. You never know who is going to see you during the interview and they might not approve of the scrubs. Since you CAN wear a suit, DO wear the suit.
  7. by   Meriwhen
    If she told you first (without you asking her) that you could wear scrubs, then IMO it would be OK wear the scrubs if that's what you were stuck doing.

    That being said, it's far more professional--and IMO would bode better for your chances--to come in dressed appropriately. Wear the suit to the interview and change into the scrubs when you get to work.

    Best of luck!
  8. by   MatrixRn
    Wear the suit and bring your scrubs so you change later. In this job environment it is too risky to take chances like that.

    There is a good chance the person on the phone is not your interviewer, and if she is may not remember she told you to wear scrubs. And certainly if you are to be interviewed by a panel - they surely will not know that you were approved to wear scrubs.
  9. by   raynbabe07
    Thanks everyone for your advice. Suit it is! Can't wait!