Confidence vs. Over-confidence. ..

  1. During my last peer interview, I felt confident answering behavioural-type questions. I felt like I connected with my interviewers--one even said abruptly at one point, "I like you, you're hired!" It was almost like being interviewed by friends, in a weird sort of way. I'm a bit worried though, that my confidence may come across as over-confident. How can I tell the difference? Could it be that, perhaps my perception of my interview is all wrong and it is my over-confident attitude that is skewing my thoughts? Or maybe I'm putting way too much thought into this?
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  3. by   Student Mom to Three
    I know you didn't mean to, but you made me smile. Why are we so hard on ourselves? If the interview goes crappy we kick ourselves. If the interview goes well we start doubting.
    If it felt good to you and you were getting positive feedback (sure sounds like you were!)then it probably was a great interview. Confidence is great...cockiness is not. From the "sound" of your post, you seem confident and not at all cocky.

    Good luck...hope you get the job!!
  4. by   jadelpn
    I agree with the pp. If you are cocky to the point of "this unit can not run effectively without me" it is one thing. "Here's what my strengths are and I can bring to the table" is a polar opposite.

    Sounds to me like you effectively communicated what your strengths are, and what you could bring, and it was well received. Awesome job!!
  5. by   Despareux
    Thanks for the feedback. I haven't heard anything yet. I interviewed on the 3rd and unfortunately, I just sent out my thank you card. Yeah, I'm so behind. I didn't write down all the names of those interviewing me and had to do some research to find them. Per the request of the recruiter, I left a voice mail letting her know I thought the interview went. Thank goodness I have a job; otherwise, I would be obsessing even more than I am now.