Certification Exam Materials, I PASSED!

  1. I am SO happy to say that I passed ANCC informatics Nurse Certification Exam yesterday 3/17/2014!

    For those of you who are looking for recommended materials, the following are ALL you need to pass this exam. There are a few study guides you can find on the internet, but do not buy them! They are not approved by the ANCC. Believe me, I purchased one of them, (I don't want to say the name of the guide, but I will give you a hint, the color of the book is black and yellow). The information in that guide was not consistent with what you will be learning in the ANCC 8 week course, and I can think of one or two instances where the guide was absolutely wrong, so don't spend your money on this. The ANCC does have a list of recommended materials on their website, so if you need extra materials, review the ANCC list. Most likely, you will not need to purchase anything other than what I recommend. Everything you need to know is found in the following recommended materials. It is in my opinion, adding another resource approved or not approved will just cause information overload and confusion. Study smarter not harder!

    1) Scope and Standards for Informatics (2008),

    2) Enroll into the ANCC Certification 8 week webinar at http://www.nursecredentialing.com/CK...g-Webinar.html. The study guide with the Powerpoints used in this course will cover 99% of the exam. I believe it cost just under $250.

    3) Take the sample test on the ANCC website and buy the sample questions for $99 if you can.

    4) Use the internet to look things up and help reinforce your learning.


    1) Study at a moderate pace for at least 2 months for this exam. I personally studied 2-4 hours 4 time a week, and then every day in the final 2 weeks.

    2) Read the Scope and Standards (the first 1/2 only) at least 5 times word for word and read it carefully. I say the first 1/2 because the 2nd half is the OLD scope and standards. You can finish the whole book in just a few hours. Read at least once every two weeks so that the information contained will start to sink in.

    3) Read the ANCC study guide for the 8 week course cover to cover at least once a week. YOU NEED TO TAKE GOOD NOTES ON THIS GUIDE. Each class is 1 1/2 hours and it has a pretty quick pace, so make sure you prepare. Read the section prior to class carefully, and during the class take good notes and ask the instructor to repeat if you need them to. It also is a late class, 8 PM EST, so make sure your mind is ready for the intensity. I took a power nap before every class.

    4) Practice using the free sample questions and the purchased test questions at least 5 times throughout the course of your study. They are very similar to what is on the exam, with about the same level of difficulty.

    5) Use the internet to look up definitions, diagrams, examples, etc. to help reinforce what you are studying.

    These are all of the materials you need to pass the exam. You will spend about $350, but it will be definitely worth it! Study hard, set a study schedule for yourself and stick to it. The test is at a moderate to difficult level, if you fall off course with your studying, regroup and get back on. Good luck to all of you!
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  3. by   ikarus7401

    My questions is, if you already have a job, are you getting a raise because now you have an informatics certification?
  4. by   samchloe
    Thank you for sharing this...
  5. by   manny1222
    Belated congratulations on passing, and was said previously thanks for sharing. I'm getting ready to register to take it and I did the webinar last fall. Just gotta get serious with studying.

    @ikarus7401, the point is not whether you get a raise on not. Certification is more a mark of professionalism on you personaly and on nursing informatics as a profession. Certification is the best way for nurses in this and other nursing fields to be recognized as professionals (just like any other profession out there), making sure the work we put in clinically and in our education is known.
    It also looks good on your resume.
  6. by   manny1222
    Happy to report that I also took it and passed. Didn't study as hard as I had planned, but I did do the 8 week webinar and used the paid test questions from the ANCC.
  7. by   Girl51979
    Congratulations! I am scheduled to take the exam in several weeks. I am using the Scopes and Standards of Practice, 6 week study review and my books from my informatics program at Walden. I hope to be successful as well. Thank you for recommendations.
  8. by   BSNgraduate

    I graduated with my Masters Degree in Nursing Informatics this past May and looking to sit for my certification. I plan to purchase the practice questions on the ANCC webiste but I have been unsuccessful in finding the 8 week NI webinar course that I have read about in a few of the threads. If anyone would could help it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  9. by   TallRN
    I passed the exam also! I did not have access to a seminar either. I only used the following three things:

    1.) Mometrix (yellow and black) book from Amazon - Regardless of what others have said, it's awesome and the rationales for their test questions are very thorough.

    2.) ANCC practice test questions - buy these in the ANCC store for "Informatics Nursing." They come with 2 tests with 100 questions on each test. The practice tests cost $125, but it's well worth it if you can afford it. (cheaper than a seminar I'm sure)

    3.) ANA Scopes and Standards for Nursing Informatics - I believe you can find a PDF online as someone else mentioned. I did notice several test questions from this book.

    Good luck!
  10. by   Chris B
    Did anyone use PEARLS Certification Review? Just wondering if that would be a good resource to commit to?
  11. by   POSIGIRL
    I graduated, this year, with my MSN- NI Specialty Track. I am using the Mometrix Test Prep guide because I am not able to afford an NI Boot Camp (about $300). I do plan to purchase the ANCC test questions, and I use my 2015 NI Scope and Standards book even in my daily practice as a Case Manager.

    Have you heard of the certification test being updated in 2016 or 2017? I want to use the most up-to-date study materials if I'm ready to test in 2016 or 2017.
  12. by   idaRN
    Thanks for all the info shared! I would like to ask if someone can share the link for the ANA Scopes and Standards for Nursing Informatics. Where can i find the 8 weeks study course?

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  13. by   jonnamn
    I was looking for it as well, and I think this is it:
  14. by   BG.RN
    I just passed the NI certification exam this past weekend I only used the Mometrix study guide, but I also have experience in clinical IS implementation plus I have taken some NI courses in the past.

    How I prepared for the exam: I did the 150 test questions from the study guide right away so I could figure out what I knew and where my lack of knowledge was. I got 60% on the pre-test. Then I went through the rationale for the questions I got wrong and made sure I understood why I got them wrong. I then went through the materials in the study guide before redoing the test again, and the second time around I got 90%. I went back to the areas that I missed during the first and second rounds; and that concluded my prep. My prep/studying was a couple of hours every day for a week.

    I think that if you're only using the Mometrix study guide to prep for the exam, you need to have field experience in clinical information systems implementation AND formal education in NI.