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I'm planning on going back to school for MSN in Nursing Informatics.  I'm wondering if  Nursing Informatics is the right choice for me.  Are there people here who are  currently doing  Nursing Informatics or who had already graduated?  How is/was the program?  Were you able to get a new job after graduation?  What school did you attend?  Would like to know whatever anyone can tell me.   

Thank you in advance 


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I did my MSN in NI at Walden Uni. 100% online classes except for the internship hours where I had them at my hospital's informatics department. It was pretty easy and I was out of school since 2008 (started my MSN in 2015-2016). I recently moved to the US, and back home I didn't have the opportunity to practice NI. Here, I am still under contract to do bedside care until next year, I am actively searching for a job, no luck so far (possibly because I am bound to a certain geographic area which is NWA). I think if I want to move to other states, it will be easier to find a job. My plan B is going to work for EPIC in Wisconsin.

I highly advice you to get this degree, on the long run and with few years of experience, pay will be decent and you even can-do contracts with hospital to run their projects related to NI.


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Thank you Alloush for your input.

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Back a few years ago, I was going to do MSN NI. Found out that there's not that many jobs except in few areas. And they prefer experience over degree. I have a BS in programming, which everywhere wanted, but I'm not able to move due to owning a large family farm. Try to get some experience in your hospital, then get the MSN 

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