Which is more difficult NCLEX or NLE?

  1. Opinions please
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  3. by   reginakrys
    NCLEX. You have to know how to analyze questions. You can pass NLE just memorizing stuff, but not with NCLEX.
  4. by   iamnomad
    NCLEX will test your true knowledge about nursing. It measures your ability to analyze, organize, prioritize concepts/data/situation/cases in relation to your nursing practice. In that sense, it is difficult. Whereas NLE is more of memorizing your lessons. (Although I am not in a position to provide opinion about NLE since I did not take it).

    But NLE is difficult in a sense that you don't know what will come up in the exam. It's unpredictable. NCLEX on the other hand has a lot of good study materials that you can use. It is well-explored. You can prepare for it. Although can be unpredictable, too, you can apply test-taking strategies if you don't know the answer to the question.
  5. by   juan de la cruz
    I found NLE more difficult though I took it years ago in 1991. Exam was broken down to long 3-day sessions. You have to answer all the cumbersome questions. I left the testing site drained. Paper and pencil test was too exhausting. Questions come out of nowhere and don't make sense. Hard to tell how I did after the exam though I did manage to make it to the top scores for my year.

    NCLEX was more reasonable though I also took it years ago in 1995. Questions make sense. There is also a pattern to the style of questioning. Test taking skills are best put to use by analyzing key words in the question itself and deducing the best possible answer with the multiple choice options provided. Computer adaptive testing makes it possible to answer 75 questions and be done with it.
  6. by   stylishgurl
    NLE especially public health
  7. by   kyliez
    Thanks everyone i took the NLE and just passed it last year. but his march im
    gonna take the nclex
  8. by   dongrn
    For me, NLE was harder. The reason being, is there were no available reading materials for reference on taking the exam. If I will have to retake it, Im not sure if I can pass it honestly! Mind you, I finished my BSN in a high standard school, have Masters Degree and Board Certified in 4 specialties- at least here in the US

    But I have to warn you, NCLEX is a different animal! Its like your comparing apples to oranges. This exam is prepared to make sure your a safe and effective nurse -in an American Point of View! So, the technique in passing is way different from NLE.

    Good Luck on your future endeavor!
  9. by   iluvnursingtoronto
    I found NCLEX to be more difficult. It requires you to interpret the questions and prioritize your nursing interventions. I also wrote the CRNE last February when I went to Toronto, Canada, which again is even more tricky because it is not as patho based and heavily based on what is the best thing to say to the patient. I hope that I passed and good luck to you! God bless you in your studies!!!!!