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Hi to all! I would like to ask if anyone knows how to go about the IV certification here in Manila? Sorry if this has been posted already, I can't seem to find a similar topic with the search... Read More

  1. by   choc77chi
    hi.. i just wanna ask if sombody knows a hospital whos offering IV training this 2007.. in manila..thank you!
  2. by   ernbabjr
    Is it possible to enroll in IVT program without license yet, I mean im a board passer but I have to wait PRC to release my hard card license. Could I make it to follow, do any hospital accept it. thanks
  3. by   canne
    hi!..i just want to ask where is the office of ansap?..i already finished my iv therapy completion and i am planning on applying for my liscence but i don't know where is their office..help will be greatly apreciated..thank you!
  4. by   spongebob6286
    did you mean attending an ivt training or renewing an ivt license?

    hospitals that offer ivt trainings as of 2008:

    amang rodriguez(marikina)
    unciano medical center (antipolo)
    world citi medical center
    capitol medical center
    medical center muntinlupa
    perpetual help hospital
  5. by   spongebob6286
    ansap office is located at lourdes hospital in sta. mesa manila
  6. by   misspowers
    Quote from pinoyNP
    Thanks for clearing that up devshop. I have forgotten that the scope of practice for registered nurses according to the Philippine Nursing Law does not include IV therapy. I'm surprised they have not changed that. I was also going by my experience at the Philippine General Hospital. We were allowed to insert IV's, give IV meds, and run blood transfusions there. In fact we (nurses) were way better than the residents and medicine interns when it came to inserting IV's in that hospital.

    What Suzanne was saying, however, is that these IV training seminars are not necessary if you plan on working in the US because the hospitals here will provide the opportunity to learn it as part of orientation.

    But I have a question to ANSAP or anyone who care to answer: If nurses there need to be trained in IV therapy because it's not part of their scope of practice, why do hospitals require this certification prior to being hired?

    I guess, I really know the answer to that question. You just have to accept things as they are without question. It is what it is -- the US is not the same as the Philippines.
    I'm really having a dilemma...in as much as I want to save my mom's precious money I need to take this IV therapy training. I want to work in tertiary hospitals here in the Philippines because I believe that this work experience will surely help me get hired as a USRN. In order for me to be hired in one of these "elusive" and "coveted" hospitals I need couple of certifications. I guess I don't have much of a choice here but to go with the flow!!!!
  7. by   suzanne4
    Getting a job in a tertiary facility in the Philippines right now is almost impossible unless you know someone.

    Unfortunately, this is a well known fact. You would be much better off and further ahead to consider another country.
  8. by   daddysgirl19
    do you know any hopitals who will be conducting IVT trainings this month? pls. state the location
  9. by   klay
    my sister signed up for the may batch in st jude hospital in manila and from what I know they'll conduct it every month..

    amang rodriguez only conduct it every other month..