Visa Screen for June 2006 Philippine Nursing Exam - page 6

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  1. by   plato353
    I find it amazing that this saga is still rolling on and on. Just face it the NLE is in a mess and has virtually no credibility worldwide with leakages and confused nurses not knowing whats going on. This scandal can be equalled to a member of the public walking into the NLE offices and buying a nursing degree of the shelf with no scrutiny what so ever. I say it bluntley. Oh yes nurses have been caught and you cant get away with faking it as a nurse in the USA.

    No matter how MUCH you romantise the fact of desperatley trying to work in the USA your reglatory body needs to built form the foundations up. I would sincerely lobby US prospective employers and direct them to this website and view the chaos that exists. Question is are they willing to hire nurse under a cloud of scrutiny i would sincerely not otherwise the brunt of being sued is to huge.
    Any organisation worth it salt has a transparent system of check and balances inplace not a (cheque recieved through a backhand and a sizeable bank balance of )a corrupt official.

    I do hope this thread will sieze to exist on misinformation and authentic sources being displayed that states the truth. Its like someone shouting fire in a crowded market place and yet no smoke can be seen as everybody is running like mad trying to find out from each other whats going on without checking ones own involvement

    If you have cheated you should not get a visa and re take. Heavan forbid a patient life might be at stake

    Plato 353
  2. by   pink_20
    Quote from angelcharm
    i agree that one has to speculate the news... what more if its just opinions.
    just because so and so said something like this, doesnt mean that it is factual.
    do not confuse your opinions (personal interpretations or judgement) as facts
    (proved to be true/ event that has occured) unless you have proofs of it.

    i have been reading news everyday, but i havent read of the supreme court issuing a decision. its just funny how we impose our own decisions for the supreme court when the court has not make any announcements yet. but if there really is and i just missed it.. then i am open to the acceptance of it. just post the link.

    let me quote first:

    now... for the interpretation...

    if the supreme court has already made a decision...
    why is there still a case goin on in the supreme court (as filed by ust)?!

    it only calls for common sense. if the supreme court has given its final decision before a trial then they can be charged for impartiality. also, remember that it is the last court... that its decision is the final one and no longer appealable.

    the question is simple, "where did the decision come from while there is still a case going on?!"

    this is what im saying pinoy guy...

    you have just added proof that there is still a case goin on... no verdict yet... thank you for strenghtening the position.

    those in the investigation who benefitted from all these are charged with "criminal cases".. which is a separate case..

    if the cg will agree to the court's decision... then only wait for the final decision of the sc...
    and dont make the decision for the sc. it becomes absurd. lol

    take this very simple statement:

    you can not impose justice by doing injustice to the innocents.

    need i say more?!

    ...the very same reason that will make ust's demand for a "retake everyone" inferior in the "justice system"...

    i say flush the guity ones and bring justice to the innocent.
    you are so right! i totally agree with you.......... its just a simple question that we are asking.....where did the decision came from while the case is still pending in the supreme court? :uhoh21:
  3. by   pink_20
    A simple question that has not been answered.............So you cant blame us being skeptical about it..............
  4. by   suzanne4
    The Supreme Court has asked that nothing be done until they review what has been happening and this was directed to the PRC. This happens anytime there is a case before a Supreme Court in any country.