to declare or not to declare my "license"

  1. here's my dilemma, I passed the local boards last June 2006 and because of certain issues, our licenses are on hold.

    I know it has been said a lot of times that a local license is not needed for nclex, but in my application form, it says that you have to declare it if you have one..

    i need your opinion on this,

    I am a board Passer but not YET a licensed nurse and we're not yet sure if we'll have one... do you think it's advisable not to declare my license since i dont really have one... or wait until the issues are settled...

    and for IL applicants and nurses, will IL process my papers without the CT-nur form? as well as for CES, will they process without the verification of license form?

    thanks, and please, let us avoid posts that pertain to the NLE 2006 and STICK to the topic so this thread won't be closed.. thanks again!!
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  3. by   FutureUSRN
    Technically, you don't have a license at the time of your application. You will be required to explain why you don't have a license. You may specifically mention that you already passed the local exams, you may even show proof by submitting the pdf file, but your license is pending. You have no license to declare afterall.

    This is only my opinion.
  4. by   kokokoko
    would they still process my application since my license is pending or they will have to wait until my license is issued?
  5. by   FutureUSRN
    you don't need a local license in order to sit for NCLEX...there are many cases where a foreign nurse was allowed to sit for NCLEX without a license from his own country.
  6. by   kokokoko
    oh ok, i guess i'll just go on with my application instead of wasting my time waiting for the issue to be resolved. I was just worried not to declare my license although technically i really don't have one.. i might have problems later on because CES kept on saying in their application that they wont process my papers without all the necessary documents.. oh well...
  7. by   ernbabjr
    oh! we have the same prob ctatacute bdw what state were will you apply for NCLEX? I think we should not waste our time we should really go on with our apllication even though we did'nt hold the hard license yet but i hope someday.....
  8. by   kokokoko
    I'm applying in Illinois...

    I just got confused, I know you can go on with the application even without a local license but in our case... We have one but we don't have it yet.. and we don't know when we will be able to get it... so I'm thinking if I should go on without it or wait for it... because if i go on, they might question me on why i didnt declare my license... but if I wait, I'm wasting my precious time naman... *sigh*
  9. by   suzanne4
    please read this carefully.
    the applications also ask if you have ever taken a national exam, or state exam, and you have. you have not had a license issued, but you still need to list that you have taken that exam. to with hold that information is considered fraud. and grounds for you to have everything denied and even cancelled later on.

    for those of you that have been applying over the past couple of months, i am not seeing any state release the att to you. only those that actually applied before taking that exam. there are major issues going on in the us right now over that exam, and prc still has not issued an actual statement about it. and hence, they cannot verify that you took it and passed it yet, and give that information to another country legally. and you will need that.

    the best thing would have been never to have taken the exam in the first place, which is what i said before the exam was even given.

    and right now, it really doesn't matter one way or another, things are going to be on hold for months from the philippines.
  10. by   kiko88
    If anyone is interested, I understand that PRC officially issued a resolution. PRC maintains that it had to take time (more than one month) to release the exam results because PRC carefully checked the exam scores from the several regions of the country. The exam (pencil and paper type) was taken by more than 40,000 students at the same time for 2 straight days in different regions of the country. Prior to releasing the results (only around 40% passed), PRC considered a lot of factors including recommendations from statisticians, examination scoring experts and is fully aware of its regulatory authority and functions under the law.

    The said resolution was questioned by a group of individuals (most of whom are, reportedly, students and honor graduates from only one big university who failed in the exam and also some of their teachers). Upon consultation with their lawyer, they recently brought the matter to the court of appeals which is now being asked to decide if the PRC acted with grave abuse of discretion in issuing the questioned resolution or whether PRC acted whimsically. In the meantime that the court of appeals will hear the arguments of the parties, under court procedure rules, PRC is ordered (temporarily) not to implement the questioned resolution. After the hearing, the court of appeals will decide either to lift or to maintain the temporary restraining order. Either parties may move for reconsideration or raise the decision to the supreme court for review (only if they want to). In other words, the matter is now with the court.

    As to the investigation of the allegations, this is the subject of a separate process in the PRC and in the NBI. If there is evidence, cases can be filed in court either for prosecution or for administrative liabilities. In other words, this matter is an ongoing process separate from the case which was brought recently to the court of appeals.

    Sadly, as in any democracy where freedom of the press and free speech are fundamental, some of the country's politicians have entered the picture and either conducted their congress committee's investigation or contributed their esteemed opinion to the delight of the "responsible" press. Sadly also, the press (local and foreign) failed (as in many cases) to give a balanced and fair reporting of the facts, and even contributed to misinformation and false news.

    I would like to believe that professional or responsible people anywhere in the world would be discerning, responsible and cautious in whatever they think, see, read, listen to, say or do. I hope everyone will believe and be responsible, cautious and discerning.
  11. by   suzanne4
    Again, things are still up in the air. It is being argued in court, and until this day, PRC has not submitted any verification of exam passing to the any licensing board overseas. They can't as it is still before the courts.

    What I said above still holds true. The NCLEX exam is not going to be held in the Philippines because of issues with the NLE exam,.. There are also issues being investigated because of cheating on the NCLEX exam and the CGFNS exam as well.

    You can say all that you want on it, but none of the facilities here are wantig to hire anyone that does not retake the exam.

    There are articles coming out in all of the major newspapers here in the US about the exam. And for a hospital to hire a nurse from there, without being able to say 100% that they really and truly passed the exam, they are not going to invest in them. If you were in their place, what would you do?

    And still no official word has come out from the PRC that has been published.
  12. by   kokokoko
    thanks suzanne4, I don't want to commit fraud that's why I'm asking all this.. thanks.. and now i guess I'll wait until the issues are settled, I believe that everything from here is on hold.. for months.. and there's nothing I can do about it so I wait..

    on the note I took our boards because I wanted to be a CI someday.. hahaha...
  13. by   dkd_deedee
    I am also waiting for the issue to resolve so I can move on with my application to NJ, which requires the CES, who in return asks if I have a current license. If not, I am asked to provide a written explanation. Let's hope this problem passes quickly so our applications can be processed as soon as possible.
  14. by   Starbee
    I guess we are on hold for months. I'm planning to apply to Vermont or NM, but I am still waiting for my license. I hope the TRO be lifted as soon as possible so we can move on.

    Hi Suzanne, if ever the court decided that there is no need to retake the exam, do you think American employers would still insist we retake it coz they might question our competence because of the controversy?
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