renewal of prc license

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    I'm a nurse in the Philippines but I'm not practicing there anymore. My license got expired in 2012 and I want to renew it. What will be my penalty in renewing so late? Can I do it online? Thanks.
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  3. by   Chocnat
    You need to renew you license personally at PRC Just go there early and pay the corresponding fee. As far as I can remember fee is P30.00/month
  4. by   uniquenurse
    Renewing PRC licence is now only one-day process. When I renewed my licence recently, it only took 1 hour for the whole process and you go home with your renewed ID card.
  5. by   cherrybee
    Or you can just ask someone to renew it for you.. u just need to authorize that person with an authorization letter, give your 2x2 recent photo with complete nametag at the bottom of the pic, and your expired license. For the fees i think 500 pesos. Not sure for the renewal fee i just asked someone to renew it for me last month.