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  1. jenrak

    Com'on, you got one...What is your heart wrenching moment?

    I was an ER nurse years ago and my parents had vehicular accident and they were sent in the hospital where I worked. I didn't know they had accident until they arrived in the unit. My dad passed away in ER unit on that same day while my mom only lasted for 3 months as she sustained cervical SCI. I stopped nursing for 6 months. I thought I cannot go back to nursing because of the trauma.
  2. Thanks for your response. I really appreciate it. I'm also planning to take a postgrad course since I have more time after I leave my current job and also to imporve my craft.
  3. Hi everyone. I would like to ask suggestion about my situation in choosing jobs. I currently work in a large aged care facility and my work there is so busy and most of the time I miss my morning break and lunch in order to finish all my duties. We have problems with the management too. Most of my colleagues left or planning to leave because of how they treat the staff. The advantage is I learn so much in this place. My nursing skills, leadership and management and confidence to speak to families and physicians have improved. This place has affected my personal life for 3 years. I burn out, get stressed easily and I feel like I'm going crazy for all the pressure at work. Today, I had an interview in a small aged care facility. Honestly, I love the place. It is so cozy and homey for the residents. It feels like it is really their own home compared to my current workplace. I spoke with staff and they praised their management and that's why they lasted to work there for more than 5 years, some more than 10 years. The disadvantage is I'm not sure if I will learn much in this place. If I get the job I will be handling 12 residents and I will be doing personal cares like showering. I don't really mind because I know that's part of nursing. I'm just worried about my growth as a nurse. I don't want to be left behind. Any thoughts? Thank you.
  4. jenrak

    residents say the funniest things

    Because I look young for my age, sometimes I get problems in dealing with elderly residents. One night I found a resident wandering around. RN/me: Dear, it's already late. Can you please go back to your room and you need to sleep. Resident: (pointing her index finger to me) Don't tell me what to do!! I'm 94 years old and I don't take orders from a little girl. Now, where's your mother?! Me: *speechless....
  5. Good day nurses. Do you have any idea on how to work in Australia aside from ahpra registration? Is it hard for a nz nurse to get a job offer in Australia? Any comments are appreciated. Thank you.
  6. jenrak

    What are the top 5 medications YOU administer daily?

    oxycodone m-eslon lantus sinemet panadol
  7. jenrak

    Where do i start?

    If you already pass your ielts and have at least 2 years experience then visit the nursing council website for instructions on how to start your application. Processing times may take at least 12 months since you are outside nz and I can't guarantee how long it takes to find a school for the cap course. For the working holiday visa, it's not easy to get that one as they only allow 100 Filipinos a year. Good luck!
  8. NZRN here. I came to NZ through student visa. I worked as a caregiver while I processed my nursing registration in the Nursing council. It took me about 2 years before I got my registration. Currently, I work in an aged care facility and I'm loving it, old people are just lovely. I obtained my residency last year and my husband and my 2 sisters followed me here. My journey in NZ is not easy, I had been to rough times. I was even a victim of the 2011 Christchurch earthquake but these trials strengthen me. I came to NZ with only $190 pocket money as I spent all my savings paying the course fees for my student visa. Luckily, I met few kindhearted Filipinos who helped me in my accommodation and daily expenses. After a month, I managed to find a job and changed my visa to work visa. Philippines is home and NZ too. I think if you are just hardworking, it is so easy to fulfill your dreams here as they are lots of support from the government.
  9. jenrak

    Filipino nurse in Oman to NZ

    Hi. It would be best to contact the nursing council for your queries through email. Processing times for overseas applicants will take up to 12 months excluding the time to look for school for the cap course.
  10. jenrak

    It's end of shift and I'm leaving on time. Not!

    I work in LTC. One minute before my shift ends, a resident had a fall incident and the night nurse was receiving hand over from the other unit, well of course I had to assess the resident since the night nurse was not available to do it. Imagine one minute before home time!!! Another lucky moment is I already finished my shift and went to pass a resident's room when I witnessed the resident falling and broke his rib. I was quite fortunate right? I had to do Incident report, assessment, call the family etc. 15 minutes before my shift ends, a resident had heart attack and had to send to acute care and I had to stay late. Anyway, this is how our profession works we cannot really foresee what will happen to our patients.
  11. jenrak

    renewal of prc license

    Hi. I'm a nurse in the Philippines but I'm not practicing there anymore. My license got expired in 2012 and I want to renew it. What will be my penalty in renewing so late? Can I do it online? Thanks.
  12. jenrak

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    Another story is what youngest sister experienced. My sister aged 10 years old that time and she loved to stay and play in our maid's quarter because she grew up with the nanny. One day, while she was playing she saw a white lady passing by the window and my sister was in shock for days. She coudn't talk and just stared blankly. We even had to admit her in the hospital but the doctors couldn't explain what's happening with her. They just said that my sister might witness a traumatic experience. When she was back to normal, I asked her if its true what she saw and she seriously admitted that she saw a white lady passed by. After that she never stay again in our maid's quarter but because of that incident she could see strange beings that she could hardly explain. It's like that incident opened her third eye ability. *I just notice that the 3 stories I shared there's one common denominator, the involvement of the windows.
  13. jenrak

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    This is not a nursing related experience but it's true and I consider this as unforgettable. When I was in high school, I was fond of making handmade gifts for christmas. A night before the 24th of December, around 11. I was still awake and in a rush of making my christmas gifts. Later on, I heard a strange sound at the rooftop. That time my mom was still awake and I asked what's that scary noise. It's like a flying noise and something wants to come in. My mother answered probably just the cat chasing the mouse. So with her statement I just continued my work and didn't bother with the eerie noise at the rooftop. Since Philippines is a very hot place even at night I normally open the window when I sleep. After I finished my cards and gifts probably about 2am I faced infront my mirror which I can see the reflection of my huge window that a person can actually fit in. While I was combing my hair suddenly I saw a monstrous being trying to enter my room but he could not fit in because of his ridiculously huge wings. That moment I felt like I was an actor in the movie in which I experienced that I froze and I hardly move my fingers, I was stuck. I wanted to scream for help but no words would come out. I wanted to run but I couldn't move my legs. I was so desperate in escaping that scene and that monster was also desperate in entering my room. Since I couldn't move or scream I just closed my eyes and pray sincerely to God. I was crying and very frightened. Later on that monstrous being hurriedly left and I think he sensed that my dad would come. After few mins my dad came and he saw me standing in front my mirror in shock and later I collapsed. When I woke up I told them what happened and guess what, they never believe me. They even accused me of being rebellious. Anyway, that was my first and last encounter with that kind of creature. But until now I can still recall the feeling of being extremely horrified.
  14. jenrak

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    My aunt told me her experience when she was a student nurse. That time she was assigned in the 5th floor of the hospital. While she was writing her notes and she was facing by the window, a male nurse passed by the window and said hi to her. And because she was occupied my aunt answered back "hello good evening" and later she realized how come a person could walk pass infront a 5th floor window, unless he floats or he's not a human.
  15. jenrak

    Toxic Nurse

    You have the same thoughts with my husband. Everytime he drops me to work he keeps on saying please pray before you enter that door and it works. I'm less toxic now. hehe..