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Hello everyone, I wish to know NCLEX review centers in Manila or at least QC area that gives quality review for NCLEX, please do not include those common review centers such as GAPUZ, PENTAGON and... Read More

  1. by   mrmiyagi
    went to kaplan makati.

    i took the nclex last thursday. my exam got cut at 75.

    if the pearson vue trick is true, i think i passed.
  2. by   Hushdawg
    Allgen is a former Rachell Allen franchise.

    So let's just say they are pretty evenly matched when it comes to quality of review.

    They are among the very few review centers in the Philippines that actually use US sources for instructional material. Across the board they are well prepared and the lecturers are all NCLEX passers with clinical experience which is what you need to really understand a lot of things.

    Too many review centers pimp themselves out but they have no real experience and so many lecturers are not NCLEX passers.

    I always recommend Allgen and Rachell Allen before considering any others.
  3. by   yehs14
    Quote from mrmiyagi
    went to kaplan makati.

    i took the nclex last thursday. my exam got cut at 75.

    if the pearson vue trick is true, i think i passed.
    what is the pearson vue trick?
    my friend is currently attending review classes on kaplan. she said that the review strategies of kaplan are too boring for her? is it true? because, i'm the type of person who gets easily bored... i don't want to waste my money.

  4. by   koxikosi
    can you recommend a review center that's near makati???
  5. by   koxikosi
    can someone tell me how do these review centers conduct their review.... i mean, do they have sat-sunday review or weekday review only? is it adjustable? is it in a classroom or auditorium setting? lecture type or just in front of a computer? and the most important is... how much???? i really need to know coz i'm scouting for the best review center that suits me...
  6. by   grangianni09
    try universal review center in guadalupe.its worth to review.i bet u will enjoy and learn.
  7. by   Hushdawg
    I've looked at Universal Review last April and they have not updated the materials in a few years... this is bad, the material should be updated every 6 months or so.

    I still think the best ones are Allgen and Rachell Allen.
    There is a new review center called Geo Learning that also uses US source material but I haven't gotten a chance to check out the curriculum. I have heard that the lecturer is an American nurse who has also done nurse education in the USA. I'll post more when I learn more.
  8. by   yehs14
    for me, i like Allgen - TM Kalaw (Near Manila Doctor's Hospital in the Kalaw Building)

    They have a weekdays schedule.
    Live lectures!
    They will give you free manual and hand outs.
    You can get free mineral water from their dispenser! hehehe

    Staffs and Lecturers are very accommodating.
    They will also allow you to use the computer (anytime) so that you can do practice tests.

    Good room ambiance!
    Only 20 - 25 students per room!

    You will not get disappointed with them.
    ALmost every week, they have nclex passers!

    BONUS: during our batch... they gave us free samsung cellphones (each!)
    I think, for the december batch... they have a raffle promo (laptop and ipod nanos are up for grabs)
  9. by   miaka84
    Went to Kaplan. Passed my NCLEX exam at 75. For me, the practice tests were a bit harder compared to my actual exam. The strategies were very useful.

    A friend also wanted to attend a review center and I'm trying to help her find one that would suit her need and BUDGET. I tried inquiring at A Plus Nursing Tutorial since it was advertised as having individualized tutor and money back guarantee if you fail the exam. But the individual mentoring was not the one I expected since the review is a pure online review!
    Now I'm still trying to help her find one..
  10. by   Hushdawg
    You may want to try Geo Learning in Mandaluyong. They are somewhere around P18,000 I think.

    US-based company with US Nurse instructors.
  11. by   miaka84
    just wanted to share. my friend inquired at Kaplan and they currently have their promo..NCLEX review (3months) + IELTS/TOEFL-iBT (1-2months) = P22k
  12. by   triggerman
    universal review center is the best nclex review center!
  13. by   kayern07
    I think Allgen is already closed. Haven't heard any updates from them eversince. They used to post updates in their twitter/facebook/website. I believe that Rachell Allen is used to be their sister company. I reviewed at RA Taft and I passed. They have a high passing rate. Live lectures, exams, just like the review for the local boards. The reviewers are good! They also offer unlimited coffee and water. Hehe! They are like my family, very accommodating and approachable. <3