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  1. miaka84

    Job-seeking in Hamad Hospital in Doha

    ^ I think 2-3 years experience (tertiary hospital)
  2. miaka84

    POEA/SRO Nurses for KSA

    You can pass your application/documents at POEA Window M. Deadline is on the 31st of October. According to them, delegation is coming this November. P.S. They require 4 years of hospital experience.
  3. miaka84

    Tuition fee in UP Masters in Nursing

    Up for this thread! How was your UPOU experience? Question, is it possible to register and study while abroad? I mean, do you need to go and report to UP every now and then (exams) or you can do it online? Thanks..
  4. miaka84

    Employment process @ St. Luke's Medical Center (e.rod)

    any news re batch 3 training? thanks..
  5. attend some trainings and seminars..it will not only enhance/refresh your knowledge and skills but it will also be a plus points in your resume. remember that there are thousands of us..so you need to find an edge - to be different and to stand out. Good luck!
  6. miaka84


    i submitted my resume at fresenius last year and after 2-3 months i received an e-mail for an exam/interview..but i wasn't able to show up due to my work sched. i believe they offer 6 months free dialysis training (i'm not sure if you'll receive an allowance) then, two years contract.. yup, having passed the NCLEX and IELTS exam is an advantage. God bless! =)
  7. miaka84

    Employment process @ St. Luke's Medical Center (e.rod)

    Hello young_achieRN! I texted one of our batch mate couple of days ago..She inquired about the schedule of our batch and sadly, SLMC wasn't able to provide any answer..But she said that it will definitely not in this month. So let's try inquiring again by March! Good luck!
  8. miaka84

    Employment process @ St. Luke's Medical Center (e.rod)

    anybody here from batch 3 SLMC QC? any news? i also heard from a friend at GC that they "overhired" that is why they send back some of the nurses to QC..the slots that were initially allocated for the incoming trainees i believed were now filled up..so here we are...still waiting.
  9. miaka84

    Foreign Nurses Immigrating to NZ

    xainelle: thank you! i had plans of applying also to NZ..i already have my IELTS. i'm hoping to find an agency/firm to help me find sponsorship for CAP. good luck! and hoping to hear updates from you..thanks again..:wink2:
  10. miaka84

    Foreign Nurses Immigrating to NZ

    to xainelle: hi! in what agency did you apply? how long did it take you to receive the approval letter from the time you have submitted the complete requirements in the NZNC? thanks! :)
  11. miaka84

    List of NCLEX Review center in Manila

    just wanted to share. my friend inquired at Kaplan and they currently have their promo..NCLEX review (3months) + IELTS/TOEFL-iBT (1-2months) = P22k
  12. miaka84

    Employment process @ St. Luke's Medical Center (e.rod)

    to lensio: just relax and be confident with your answers..the interview is somehow an overview of your knowledge, skills, and attitude. good luck! kyuketsuki15: wow,1st quarter of 2010?! that's really sad.. i thought we would be starting early December considering how fast the processing of our application have been.
  13. miaka84

    IELTS review centers

    9.0 Niner Review Center at Quezon Ave..
  14. miaka84

    Employment process @ St. Luke's Medical Center (e.rod)

    kyuketsuki15: group 3..how about you? i really don't know how many from our batch passed the medical exam and made it to the final listing. one of our batchmate called the NSO to ask when will the training possibly start because she will be going out of the country for a week or two. sadly,as of that moment there was no schedule yet as to when our training will possibly start.
  15. miaka84

    Employment process @ St. Luke's Medical Center (e.rod)

    kyuketsuki15: i'm part of batch 3..