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Hi, I am new to this site and I found it very informative. This would be my first post. I would just like to know if anybody on this board wrote the Kuwait MOH exam last March 18 in PICC? I... Read More

  1. by   Dinx
    Thanks a lot piorf for the vital information. This just confirms about this process being said to me from an insider in the agency I applied with. What took you so long to come and post here in allnurses???(just kidding).

    In your case before,was the advertised salary the exact amount you're getting? When will the subcons start applying for work visas? Oh my...I'm getting nervous now...
  2. by   Piorf
    the salary will be same as the one that is in the contract. havent signed any yet, most probably before we go to kuwait. the problem is, if they dont let us sign a contract before going to kuwait. back then, i have friends who were suppose to work in MOH but were assigned in private hospitals. their salary became the same as those who are working in private hosp, from 380kd to 250kd. \

    working visas will be applied by the company once we are there but the processing time before it can be approved is like 3-5mos.

    another important thing is the license. in my case, i worked like a patient assistant for 5mos(no iv insertion,no charting etc but the salary is the same) because i dont have my license yet.

    guys, dont pay your placement fee without signing a contract first especially now that the placement fee is large. also, dont be too excited if the agency tells you that your visa arrive, because what is important is the plane ticket. as soon as you receive the plane ticket,somewhat you're sure that you'll be going to kuwait.

    update us here!
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  3. by   Piorf
    Applicants from Al Bahar in our agency(ADM) got 31 visas. CAnt wait for Gulf employment.
  4. by   kreutz
    WOW... That's good news for you... i dunno if we have already ours... :c
  5. by   Dinx
    What visa type being issued? Working or visit visa only? Thanks.
  6. by   fameRN
    Good day!
    I am new here guys,, i applied at best one MOH kuwait,, we had a meeting yesterday and the mngr told us that we have an exam on 24 and intervw on 27-28.. How about you guys any news?
  7. by   nursejv
    Hi Priof,

    Wow that's a good news. Hope our visa too will arrive.
  8. by   Piorf
    most probably it's visit visa. because as i have told you before, working visas takes at least 6 months to process. Global technologies also got their visas. hopefully, our visas will come this week. GL guys
  9. by   nursejv

    Hello Guys! BESTONE Agency texted that VISA will arrive this week. and advise us to have MEDICAL exam tentative on Monday amounting 2,730.00 and NBI clearance to be authenticated. plus 50k deposit for placement..awwww!!!
  10. by   Piorf
    I also heard from a friend they are asking for 50k deposit. But you should be vigilant before giving a big amount of money. Remember you did not sign any contract yet and this friend(ex-Kuwait nurse) of mine had a bad experience before when we were in Al-Essa Company. He was supposedly assigned in MOH, but when he arrived, he had to wait for a long time(2-3mos) before landing into a job. What is more unfortunate is that, he was assigned in a PRIVATE hospital.

    So guys be careful. If you'd ask me, they(Company) should only ask for money once when get the plane ticket. WHY? It's like this: how much is the visa processing? around 25-30k php. If for example(I hope not) you gave 50k, and the company back out of the contract, do you think the company will still return the money(probably, yes but it will take a long and the worse possibility is that they will not return the money because they have already used it)?

    NOW, how much is a plane ticket, around 40-50k php. In that case, our sponsor company will think twice before backing out of a contract because they have already paid a big amount of money.

    Better ask your company first if you can give the placement fee once you receive the plane ticket, or at least once you have signed a contract. If they will not agree, then it's up to you to decide. GL guys. See you in KWT!
  11. by   Piorf

    Guys try to read this, just saw this in facebook early today. This is not to discourage you but to make all of you aware of what is happening there in Kuwait. The man in the picture wearing red cap is a friend/hostel mate of mine. This is the problemm when we work under an agency. And btw, our agency there in Kuwait is Al-Essa company.
  12. by   fameRN
    hello nursejv do u have ur visa already? im from bestone here in ilocos sur branch.. they told us that we have an exam on 24 with the deligates from kuwait but they called awhile ago to tell that that the exam will postpone on sept. because of the ramadan.. hay..
  13. by   reuf09
    accoding to our agency that our original visas are ready.....so i'm just asking your opinions if you will purue or not behind these issues...??