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  1. by   meaow
    HAH! ISA almost got me..***!
  2. by   nurseinuk
    Hi Vive 28. Because of the very strict British regulation on student visa, my agent has stop sending students to the UK. She said, she does not want her applicants to suffer here because the income will no longer be enough to still be able to send some money home. I beleive she is now just assisting nurses to migrate to Canada but she does not offer any jobs. Just simple migration.

    Things are not as easy here as when I arrived. Very very strict implementation of rules. In our home alone, a couple of students were sent home to the Phil. by British Home ofice because they were caught working beyond the maximum number of hours allowed.

    Our agent also sent us the list of registered employers and those who have been here more than two years already has their visa converted to work permit. All of these are done legitimately.
  3. by   nurseinuk
    I am in Canada once again for a vacation. I am looking at the possibilities of me migrating here since UK does not allow anymore spouses of students to hold any job.
  4. by   job081985
    urgexxx69 have you applied to study connect?