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CGFNS Denies VisaScreen® Certificates for Philippine Nurses Who Passed the Compromised June 2006 Philippine Licensure Examination PHILADELPHIA, PA — FEBRUARY 14, 2007 — After careful... Read More

  1. by   rn4ever?
    Oh well, maybe Dr. Rosero and team just wanted to have fun and visit the U.S.(knowing that they were already very clearly told not to go anymore)---add the fact that accommodations and per diem/pocket money are also included and given to them for this trip! Now talk about Dr. Rosero fighting for the 2006 Board Passers' rights! This must hurt the Filipino taxpayers' pockets big time
  2. by   suzanne4
    They were told not to come, and they did. They decided that they could do as they pleased. They should be held accountable for their actions and the trip and all of its expenses should come from their pocket.

    If not, then they should not be representing anyone. They definitely were not doing anything for the betterment of nursing over there. They could have put the same hours into closing those review centers and charging the owners, but things go on as usual there.
  3. by   pinoy_guy
    Quote from Rep
    A lot of us here have been lambasted because of our stand with retake.
    memories, eh?

    some of the flak made me wonder if the people spouting them were really nurses.

    my opinion: if people can spout such vile language, and wish evil upon others just because they have a different opinion...then I don't think these people can work in harmony with other members of a health care team. in the Philippines or in the US.

    I would not want to work with such people.

    Nursing is difficult to begin with. add coworkers with a vile streak, and it's a recipe for disaster.

    the patients suffer.

    I reiterate, this is my opinion.

    for me, Nursing is a Vocation.

    I just wish more people realized that.
  4. by   pinoy_guy
    heart-stopping when you read this:

    in a related development, puentevella telephoned tuesday evening to clarify that he was just joking when he "insinuated" to the american executives of cgfns that us citizens who would break the law in the philippines would have a hard time dealing with government and its laws.

    . . .

    in the interview, puentevella said if the cgfns could not bend a little to accommodate the appeal for reconsideration of its february 14 decision, there would come a time when americans would have to come begging to the philippines.

    "laws are laws, but sometimes you have to bend a little to make a better world. i told them, some day when you need our help, you will remember us when we have to be strict in enforcing our laws," puentevella said.

    "i told them, 'why will you burn the whole house if you're only going to kill one rotten rat. isang daga lang papatayin mo bakit mo papatayin buong bahay," he said.

    "someday they will also come to us begging. they say they are just following their mandate. i told them we will also follow our laws. someday, you will also have problems," said puentevella, a close ally of president gloria macapagal arroyo.

    the lawmaker said he did not mention about the case involving us marines lance corporal daniel smith, convicted recently for raping a 22-year-old woman in subic, zambales in november 2005, but stressed he gave "insinuations" to the american officials of the cgfns.

    "they asked, 'what do you mean?' i told them, you know, we have many american citizens also and sometimes they go out of the line, but sometimes we bend a little even with our laws just to accommodate our friendship. we are allies," puentevella said.

    "weather weather lang ito (everything has its own season)," the lawmaker quipped.

    veiled threats???

    holy cow.

    they do not sound like jokes.

    this action with the blessing of the philippine government.

    it would be less of a headache for cgfns to just...
  5. by   pinoy_guy
    what most people don't know is that the us is a melting pot of races.

    nursing is not the exclusive domain of filipinos.

    there are a lot of nurses from other countries practicing in the us: among them rns from china, taiwan, hong kong, uk, ireland, japan, india (punjabi & hindi), mexico, the fiji islands...and this is just a quick list of 1 hospital in central california.

    us hospitals have other sources of rns. they might have thick accents, but they also get the job done.

    our trump card is not as powerful as some people think.

    we have to take a wider perspective: sacrificing the house in order to kill a rat might make sense if the house is hopelessly infested with bubonic rats and deadly order to save the community where the house is located.
  6. by   suzanne4
    And there are many others just waiting to be able to work in the US, and they have completed an entire program with no shortcuts in it.

    Thanks for posting that.
  7. by   cherrycoke
    Puentevella really said those things? Laughed my ass off. Is he Nostradamus now? Hahaha! It sounded ala-Nostradamus, in the tone of doing an ancient curse. My god.
  8. by   pinoy_guy
    tit for tat: puentevella threatens americans

    in a tone that tends to undermine cgfns, puentevella said the body was just "kulang sa pansin (attention-seeking)," particularly because a new group is coming to the philippines.

    "their body language, nahalata ko after four hours, mukang kulang sa pansin itong grupong ito. parang lalo na ngayon may pumapasok na bagong grupo. mayroon nclex. parang nagpaparamdam talaga. parang, you know, we're here. you better take note," puentevella said on the dzbb radio interview.

    he was referring to the national council of state boards of nursing (ncsbn) that will administer the nclex starting this year in manila.

    . . .

    passing nclex is a licensure requirement to practice nursing in the united states, but it is not a substitute for the federal visascreen rule.

    . . .

    puentevella also raised doubts on the claim of cgfns as a non-profit organization, noting that each nurse entering the united states have to pay $400 to cgfns.

    during the interview, puentevella also blamed the arroyo cabinet for bringing up the june 2006 nursing exam controversy at the time the issue was already dying down.

    he said students in universities that did not top the exam also made noise about allegations that test manuscripts were leaked to some favored review centers.

    . . .

    puentevella said cgfns explained to the four-man task force from the philippines that it could not accommodate the appeal against a retake of tests 3 and 5 of the june 2006 exam because it did not want to create a precedent case that other countries might invoke in the future.

    the cgfns officials, he said, told them the controversy should have been settled among the stakeholders and should not have reached the us.
    years of friendship destroyed by a few minutes of talk.

    someone please tell him that cgfns and nclex are two different things.

    a nurse needs both of them to be able to work in the us.
  9. by   suzanne4
    But the bigger issue is that they do not realize that CGFNS is under direct contract to the US government and must follow the rules that were set up and are currently in place. They are not permitted to modify them for the Visa Screen Certificate. Only the US government (US State Dept) can make any changes to the requirements and it is not going to happen.

    Not after the raids that have been going on in the LA area the past two weeks or so.
  10. by   lawrence01
    These are the kind of people that needs to be ignored and hope they go away when no one notices them anymore. He isn't a nurse for one thing so he doesn't know the procedures and req'ts that foreign nurses have to go through to migrate to the U.S. but on the other hand you can't blame that he doesn't know or pretends he knows because the BON and the PRC Chairperson doesn't know the req'ts and procedures as well. Remember, the Visa Screen Certification not needed by nurses who only plans to work but not migrate ? The US Embassy have to made a public statement just to correct that wrong notion.

    In addition, it scares me that they have been making decisions from the beginning base on wrong information and presumptions and up to now I still don't think they get the whole grasp of it because if they do they won't even have to waste Tax-payer's money to go on a round-trip to the US and who knows what kind of accommodations they availed while there.

    What good thing I see is that some of the nurses already realize the mistake of these officials and are now concentrating on just preparing for the re-take in June or Dec.
  11. by   Aquarian
    I'm sorry but, who the #### is Puentebella? Just took the NCLEX , that's why. What is his authority to say those things? Somebody enlighten me, pls? Thanks!
  12. by   lawrence01
    He is a politician.
  13. by   Aquarian
    Quote from lawrence01
    He is a politician.
    I should have known!:smackingf

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