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CGFNS Denies VisaScreen® Certificates for Philippine Nurses Who Passed the Compromised June 2006 Philippine Licensure Examination PHILADELPHIA, PA — FEBRUARY 14, 2007 — After careful... Read More

  1. by   Rep
    Move on if you must but remember there are rules to follow. And to go here, you must follow the rules of this land and the rules on how to get here.

    IMO, justice can be served if those people involved will be punished but this is just wishful thinking. And those people insisting on appealling the CGFNS decision are looking through a narrow field of vision. Can they understand that no matter what the rules should be followed?

    These government officials are making it harder for other Filipino nurses to achieve their dreams. Do what is right and admit they were wrong and move forward for the better. But doing things right is a rare commodity among our Philippine government officials.
  2. by   rn4ever?
    folks, it's crystal clear---the decision is final. read on this link:
    which part of that link is hard to understand? i believe that no educated and brilliant nurse will have a hard time understanding it. but it is such an embarrassment though that someone as professional and as highly-educated as rosero cannot even honor the comprehensible statement!
  3. by   pinoy_guy

    team to appeal cgfns ruling on test retake

    a five-man team leaves manila sunday morning in a last-ditch effort to appeal to the commission on graduates of foreign nursing schools (cgfns) in philadelphia to reverse its feb 14 decision denying visascreen certificates to filipino nursing graduates who passed the leakage-tainted june 2006 nursing licensure exam.

    the team is composed of professional regulation commission (prc) chair leonor rosero, bacolod city rep. monico puentevella, former board of nursing chair eufemia octaviano, fatima university dean remigia nathanielz and alliance of new nurses president renato aquino.

    rosero said in an interview on dzmm that cgfns chief executive officer barbara nichols herself scheduled a meeting with the group on monday for the appeal.

    the group is proceeding with the us trip despite a statement from cgfns on feb 24 that the decision was final and that there was no provision for an appeal or reconsideration of the cgfns board of trustees simply because there was no higher body to take up the appeal.
    the money could have helped fund the retake.
  4. by   Rep

    Quote from pinoy_guy
    the money could have helped fund the retake.
  5. by   praeclarus
    Quote from pinoy_guy
    the money could have helped fund the retake.
    I definitely agree with you. They probably think that they are doing it for the greater good but they're actually not. They're just giving false hopes for other examinees who are easily swayed. Tsk...Tsk..Tsk.. A very bad move.
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  6. by   suzanne4
    And they will do an excellent job to get nurses from PI blocked from working in the US. The US govt can get tired enough of this going on, and they can do something.

    And who is paying for this trop for them to fly to the US? Wonder what their shopping trip will be like?

    Sorry, but CGFNS has told them not to come. Would be very nice if they did not have time to meet with them, and that would be rightly so. They are flying to another continent for an appt, and were told not to.

    Wonder what they will say when they return home? Sorry, but their tails will be hanging down. Love to see their interview when they return. And they are going to make it quite easy for NCLEX to be cancelled from being held there.

    With this type of behavior from governing officials, what would you expect?
  7. by   pinoy_guy
    Quote from suzanne4
    and they will do an excellent job to get nurses from pi blocked from working in the us.
  8. by   pisceanbabe74
    Ohhhhh, I wish them to realize that they just have to move on and follow the rules. It may not be easy to go for reveiw again and sit for exam but it is the best way. It maybe a hard road to take but surely a golden pot is there at the end of that road and it includes dignity for all Filipino Nurses around the globe. I salute those nurses who did the retake because they be glowing with "SKA" (Skills, Knowledge & Attitude):hatparty:
  9. by   bebe13
    the philippine delegation to cgfns just wasted time, money and energy...

  10. by   lawrence01
    This result is expected. I do hope now that everything is already clear, as it was from the start, so that everyone could move on.

    People who understood the implications of the marred exam long ago understood that only a re-take (partial or total) would be the best solution but since the custodian of the said exams, namely the BON back then and the PRC officials lack the insight and could not see the possible implications it is the nurses who has suffered.

    Since, this the the final nail on the coffin so to speak people should now concentrate on their proper preparations for the re-take in June and Dec.
  11. by   suzanne4
    And the same money that was literally thrown out for their visit to PA after they were told not to come should have been used to pay for the re-take.
    And these same officials should be required to pay for the re-take for thsi stupid move on their part.

    Just one more reason why NCLEX should not be held there. And notice that Pearson-Vue does not know when the center will open, and that is per their website. Seriously think that things are being rethought based on all of this.
  12. by   Rep
    A lot of us here have been lambasted because of our stand with retake.

    Now, who are vindicated in the end?
  13. by   suzanne4
    we are!!!!!

    exact same thing was the final outcome that i have predicted all along. this was the only thing that could be done. does not matter what happens in each country if the goal is to work there, but when it involves practicing in the us then it must meet us standards.


    just think that these five that went to the us after being told not to come, should donate the same amount of money that was spent for their trip, out of their pockets, to help defray costs of the retake. they wasted perfectly good money and should be held accountable for that.