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  1. by   pinoy_guy
    Quote from suzanne4 is also going to be much harder to get a petitioner that will even consider paying those fees. especially with the way that some have been walking from contracts.
    some of my students are finding this out the hard way.

    they are having difficulty finding agencies willing to petition them.

    most agencies, if not all, require 2 years of hospital experience. and this does not guarantee the nurse will be petitioned.

    with some organizations petitioning to shut down sentosa, i wonder how the other agencies will react.

    i feel sad, things can only get much harder.
  2. by   dave787
    lets just pray for it, lets not talk more because of the cheating happend here, it was settled already lets just hope that the site will open soon.
  3. by   suzanne4
    We have stated over and over again, that until Pearson-Vue posts something on their website, nothing is written in stone. And if and when they do post something, as they have done in the past, it will state that the center will be opening on such and such date, and that comes out about three months before they even accept appointments, and then another three months for it to open.

    So for any of you that have ATTs, this will not be a viable answer for you. Do not expect to see anything open and functional before holiday season at the end of the year. It is already going to be July next week. And there still has not been one thing on the PV website since their only post on February 20.
  4. by   mgfan1001
    waiting for an infinite number of years......

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