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03/05/07 ANA Urges New Tests for Philippine Nurses Seeking to Practice in the U.S. The American Nurses Association (ANA) is urging the Philippine government to facilitate a retake of the nurse... Read More

  1. by   pinoy_guy

    'us nurses' call for full retake being studied' -- brion

    the recommendation of the american nurses association (ana) for a complete retake of the compromised june 2006 philippine nursing board examination is still being studied, labor secretary arturo brion said monday.

    at the same time, brion told reporters after the inauguration of the national reintegration center for overseas filipino workers (ofws) in intramuros that they remain on track for the retake for the tests 3 and 5 of the controversial board exam.

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    "we are still studying the approach to the ana. we might ask for a representation with them and seek the help of the cgfns with whom we've already had long discussions," brion said.

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    "i understand what they issued is a resolution and that they wrote the prc [professional regulation commission] about it. we will see if they will have influence in the hiring of filipino nurses," he said.

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    brion said the application period for the review is from march 19 to april 4, while the review classes will be from april 16 to june 3.

    the retake will be given on june 11 and 12.

    asked if the review classes would be free, as government had promised earlier, brion said the eo he drafted recommended that some government "assistance" be given, but added he has yet to see how much has been allocated for this.
  2. by   suzanne4
    Another thing to consider: The Philippine government has no control over hiring practices in the US. Nor do they dictate what the US will do and will not do in terms of nurses that get hired or licensed.

    The officials that have been spouting off about things are not even nurses to begin with, nor do they even know the requirements for working in the US. The CGFNS exam is not the Visa Screen Certificate. They are two completely different things, and yet they still do not know that after meeting with CGFNS.

    Somethings they will never learn. They finally have arrested or charged two in the scandal from last summer, but what about the actual review centers that are still open that did most of the dirty work? And are still running business as usual. Until they get their house in order, they have no business of trying to dictate what others will do.
  3. by   suzanne4
    And the ANA was already talking about a complete retest last fall, this is nothing new. They just made their stand official. It is already very well documented.

    They never even entertained a retest of only parts 3 and 5.
  4. by   pinoy_guy

    dole: follow cgfns, retake only tests 3 and 5

    brion stressed though that they were not ignoring the ana's stand, saying that he is meeting with the leadership of the philippine regulation commission (prc) and other stakeholders on how to come out with a common approach to the matter.

    the ana's position was contained in an approved resolution, which they sent to the prc and the board of nursing.

    ana's members include hospital nursing supervisors and administrators throughout the united states. they have a say in the hiring of hospital personnel.
  5. by   pinoy_guy

    let ana be, nurse groups warned

    dr. dante ang, chairman of the commission on the filipino overseas, on tuesday appealed to nursing institutions in the philippines not to challenge the decision of the american nursing association...

    he warned that ana is a very powerful lobby group in the united states with a membership of 2.9 million and vast resources.

    he said although ana is not empowered to craft laws involving nursing profession, the association wields considerable influence among us legislators.

    . . .government officials must handle the matter diplomatically.

    . . .

    "let us appeal to ana explain to them but let us not contest their position," ang said on dzmm radio interview.

    . . .

    "there must be a lesson learned from all of this. we should take the lesson from this nursing scandal seriously," he said.

    so as not to damage the filipino nurses' employability and credibility, "we could only pray that cgfns would not change its policy and ana would leave it to its individual members whether to accept filipino nurses who have passed the retake of tests 3 and 5 or to require them to do the entire test all over again.
    i hope people listen to him this time.

    to give you a hint: guess who's doing the screening/pre-employment interviews?

    if some hospitals are wary of getting nurses from some nursing schools, it would be a simpler matter to be wary of getting nurses from a country.

    these data are required in your application form.

    my suggestion is to be vocal in our support for dr. dante ang.

    and boo the "good samaritans" who are in it for their own personal reasons, who're making things worse for all of us.
  6. by   pinoy_guy

    brion says nothing to worry about ana's 'full retake' resolution

    labor secretary arturo brion on tuesday allayed fears of nursing graduates about the resolution of the american nurses association (ana) calling for a full retake of the leakage-marred june 2006 nursing licensure examination (nle).

    brion said that in their initial study ana is not a regulatory body that issues job requirements for nurses who want to work abroad unlike the commission on graduates of foreign nursing schools (cgfns).

    "american nurses association is just like the philippine nurses association, a professional organization that has nothing to do with [the issuance of work] visa," brion told abs-cbn's magandang umaga pilipinas.

    the labor secretary also denied that the government will try to appeal ana's resolution requiring all june 2006 nle takers to re-examine all parts of the leakage-marred examination.

    "we are not talking about an appeal because [ana] only issued a resolution or an opinion, we only need to talk to them and make them understand," he said.

    . . .

    the retake was scheduled on june 11 and 12. he said the government has allocated a budget of p20-million for the retake.

    . . .

    he said applications for review will open on march 19 until april 4.

    a web site with full information on the retake is being built and announcement about the retake will published in newspapers, brion said.
  7. by   aimee_tan
    with this ANA resolution, I am now planning to take the June 07 exam, the entire exam... But with this decision of the DOLE to just conduct retake for 3 and 5.. Does this mean our only option to have the whole exam be taken is to voluntarily revoke our license? can any1 enlighten me on how to have it done? ( revoking my license for a new licensure exam)
    Help pls.....
  8. by   nrgacias
    why is ana taking part of this issue? they have their own board exam, right? that alone should tell if the student, whether they came from the june 06 batch. if the passed the nclex, they are safe enough to practice in the US. that is what nclex is all about right? being a safe and effective entry level nurse here in the US. CGFNS is just doing their job by saying that they should retake the exam. but i don't know why is ANA dipping in in the situation.
  9. by   dave787
    well why you keep oon blaming ANA decision. that is what they stand. we have to respect how they deal the issue regarding the have to bare in mind that the american did not bother during the leakage issue here. how many times do this thread remind you if you want to work in the US then follow them, those people who are hard headed as those congressman and the PRC who are trying to cnvice the ANA and CGFNS then i think you must create your own state. well afetr all its not a loss for ANA and CGFNS if you wont retake. one thing here we must respect each others rules and regulation. the US does interfere with our own matter so if you really wnat to work in the US then follow what they want.
  10. by   BurstPurse
    The ANA is just airing what's their stand regarding the June'06 batch. Even though ANA and CGFNS are separate entity, ANA is still powerful enough to influence different hospitals around the US. The ANA's wide network of nurses ( I mean their members) are scattered on different cities, schools and medical institutions. You don't even know if one of their member will be conducting one of your job interviews in the future.

    This leakage scandal is becoming a global affair. I blame the government for their luck of strong will to implement a full retake. If you just took the suggestion of Dante Ang right at the first time, this problem is far over.
  11. by   xyacivx
    hello! do anyone here knows where we will apply for the review of the retake? and when is the scheduled date for the registration of the retake? pls help...thanks
  12. by   suzanne4
    Quote from nrgacias
    why is ana taking part of this issue? they have their own board exam, right? that alone should tell if the student, whether they came from the june 06 batch. if the passed the nclex, they are safe enough to practice in the US. that is what nclex is all about right? being a safe and effective entry level nurse here in the US. CGFNS is just doing their job by saying that they should retake the exam. but i don't know why is ANA dipping in in the situation.
    ANA does not have an exam. But they have a large say over who works in US hospitals. And when they speak, hospitals and Boards of Nursing listen.
    ANA is not dipping into the situation, they have been saying this since last August, and if you read any of my posts from back then, I have said the same thing.

    Many of you are upset that you need to retake an exam, but the issue is that employers in the US want you to retake the entire exam. They are the ones that are doing the hiring and will be paying your salary, and if you want the best shot at getting the best job, then you will do as the employer wants. And if you do not do what they want, then they do not need to hire you. It is that simple.
  13. by   nrgacias
    i'm not blaming anyone. i'm just asking because i'm curious about the reason for having that kind of decision. sorry for asking. people really get angry fast these days.