Wow...cannot find a job!

  1. Hello all,

    I graduated in December, wrote my exam in January and was officially registered with the CNO as an RPN in early March. I've applied through the NGGI, sent out my own resumes (at least 3 a day for the past few weeks) and haven't heard anything!!

    At first I was all about Med/Surg, since that's where I did my final clinical and I LOVED it. Now, I'm beginning to not be so picky...Arggg. I've gone to a resume seminar, had old professors look over my resume, have excellent references from past employment and past professors, yet nothing. I'm worried about losing skills the longer I go without working. Plus, I have bills to pay

    Is it the wrong time of year? I realize that the provincial budgets are about to be coming that what all the waiting is about or is the job market just that saturated? I know of only a few people that have actually found work (I think they had an inside connection), the rest are getting pretty frustrated with the whole thing.

    Thoughts? Ideas? Advice? So worried!! What were your experiences as an RPN new grad and getting hired. What kind of time frames from sending in your resume to the actual phone calls and how many phone calls did you get? Tips?
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  3. by   Fiona59
    I graduated in a downward cycle for nursing. I finally wound up working five casual jobs at five separate employers to repay my student loans.

    It's the same all over the country. It's hard. It's like chipping the ice off your windshield, you just have to keep at it.
  4. by   loriangel14
    Where in Ontario are you looking? I have a friend that just found her first RPN position but she had to be flexible as to location. RVH in Barrie is hiring.
  5. by   Trishrpn80
    I had no issue post grad but i moved to a less populated area.. Rural is usually hiring.. I had 2 pt positions then i got a ft one after a yr
  6. by   vintage_RN
    I have a few friends that graduated in December and all found jobs pretty quickly. I would just be willing to go anywhere. I'm in Hamilton ON though.
  7. by   joanna73
    If you're looking solely within the GTA, the market is saturated. Health care funding has been reduced in many Provinces. Go rural....rural facilities are always looking. Most often, a casual position at a rural facility results in full time hours. Good luck!
  8. by   Insomniac-88
    GTA is saturated with RPN's. Go on any hospital careers page and there's maybe 3-4 RPN positions at a time, meanwhile there's 20+ RN postings available. I'm just outside the GTA, in the Niagara region and posted into a permanent part-time position right after graduation, as did many of my classmates. If not, 3-5 months in a casual position led to a part-time position. Even here, the amount of RPN postings are small, but at any given time you'll find 20+ ads for RNs. 2 years vs. 4 years means it isn't hard to realize why RPNs have saturated the field at the moment.
  9. by   sitting on a rainbow
    I am in the GTA and I'd love to go rural, unfortunately my family situation just won't allow it for a couple years. I saw the postings for Barrie, and I know people live in Barrie and commute to Toronto, I thought about it, but decided I couldn't handle it after working a 12 hour shift.

    My strategy is to keep looking and accept whatever I can get, until I get what I want. I was hoping to hear other's experiences and time frames.

    Back to the proverbial "pounding the pavement" thankfully everything now is electronic...ughh
  10. by   joanna73
    You should keep looking and utilize as many connections as possible. School acquaintances, friends, instructors, job fairs.

    However, based on the market trends since 2008, be prepared that if you cannot travel to a rural location, you may be job searching for 6-8 months. Not pleasant to hear, but this is the unfortunate reality. I know of many people where this was the case who could not leave the GTA. Barrie, Owen Sound, and the likes are not far reaching from the GTA and you have hundreds of applicants for few positions. It's a numbers game.

    Is it possible to leave your family for a short period of time in order to gain experience? Many people make these sacrifices during poor economic times.

    I hope you land something soon. Job searching is stressful. Good luck!
  11. by   sitting on a rainbow
    Impossible to leave the family, since I'm a single parent, but willing to accept almost anything, really. Just for the experience. 6-8 months, huh? I'm still sending out a few a day.

    Got a phone call yesterday from a clinic I applied to (that is my dream first job) but was driving and couldn't pick it up..Ugghh. They didn't leave a message, which is a little worrisome (they probably have a million applicants and are just going through them and tossing ones they can't get a hold of) I'm actually going to email them this afternoon and reiterate how much I really want to work in that field and how awesome I am...although in a more modest and non begging sort of way Hopefully they see my sincerity and call me back!
  12. by   NextGenRPN
    Finished feb 22 got a job willing to give me a temp march 7 I guess it's all in where your applying if your worried about money so bad go do home care or something at least it's a pay check
  13. by   brithoover
    I commuted to RVH from Guelph for 6 mths doing float pool. I then used that experience to land a job in Toronto
  14. by   sitting on a rainbow
    Update: Finally found a job. It's temporary (6 months) full-time through the HFO. Had the interview in June. Got the job in July. Had to submit health and police checks that I recently just got back (took 11 weeks for the stupid police checks) and start soon. I'm guaranteed part-time after the HFO funding is done. The job is with the government so it's a great opportunity, I'm pleased as punch!

    Advice to graduating nurses:
    Right before you are done school (the week before exams), get a vulnerable sector police check application signed (only an employer or school can request one) and mail it off. It will take almost three months to get it back.

    You should just get your license and be looking for work when it's invaluable to have a current (within 6 months) one on hand.

    I would have been working three months ago had I done it. Don't give it to potential employers unless they actually hire you, because it's so hard to get another one. (but let them know you have a recent one)