where do u go to school?

  1. Hi! I am curious where everyone goes or went to school in Canada?! I go to UCFV in B.C. Let me know!
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  3. by   RNonsense
    Douglas here
  4. by   lalaxton
    I did my original nursing school at Dawson College in Montreal.
  5. by   adrienurse
    University of Manitoba.

    I love BC! Where in BC do you live?
  6. by   RNinRubySlippers
    Hi! I live just outside Vancouver! It is really nice b/c I can go to Van in 30 min (max) and leave the craziness of it all when I have had enough! Me and my b/f drive there almost once a week to go to our fav restaraunt! LOL!! Robson is great for shopping too! Glad you like it here! I love it!
  7. by   jurbyjunk
    I went to the University of Arkansas, graduated back when dinosaurs roamed the plains. LOL. Actually, graduated December 1965.
  8. by   Paprikat
    Grad of Confederation College. I love Vancouver, been here six years and English Bay still blows my mind!
  9. by   almondhoney
    Cambrian College in Northern Ontario

  10. by   adrienurse
    Paprikat, are you from Thunder Bay? I've got family there.
  11. by   TraumaNurse
    General Hospital School of Nursing in St. John's, NF. You can take the Newfie out of Newfoundland, but you can't take Newfoundland out of the Newfie!
  12. by   Little One2
    I study at Ryerson University on a Part-time basis.
  13. by   Fox88
    I'm in the Seneca/York Collaborative program... liking it so far... I'm a bit worried about the huge class sizes they tell us about when we get to York though!
  14. by   elusive
    Im in the Durham/York Collaborative program..off to York in the fall!