Tips for nursing students to get a job after graduation

  1. Hi guys, I'm a nursing student in Ontario & was wondering if you guys have any tips that I can do right now.
    Is it a good idea to work as a PSW? Would that beef up my resume for when I graduate?
    Also, there's a camp student nurse job, however, the position is for 8 weeks long, Mon-Fri, 0830am-1730, and the pay is $2000.00 at the end of the 8 weeks. Without lunch, that would be 8 hours a day, with an hourly pay rate of $6.25. In Ontario, the minimum wage is $14.00 right now, but private camps are apparently exempt from this.
    My friends think that this position is not worth it as it takes up a lot of time with very low pay.
    The job duties look great and I thought it would help me for the future, however, I'm not sure if it is required.
    Is clinical experience enough for new grads to get hired after graduation? Or should I go for this camp job?
    Any other tips would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you!
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  3. by   jennylee321
    I was offered a camp job as a student nurse but had to turn it down because it just wasn't enough money to survive on, I needed to save for tuition. If you think you can handle being a PSW then sure do this. The money is good and you will get very good at providing ADL support.
  4. by   SeréEnfermera
    Have you looked into this?
    Guaranteed work | Careers in Nursing
  5. by   theRPN2b
    I personally wouldn't take the job for that low pay. Some nursing students work in nursing homes or home care agencies as PSWs after they complete their first semester,try to see if you can land one of those kinds of jobs.

    I didn't work as a PSW while I was in nursing school (worked an unrelated job that payed minimum wage) and still was able to get a job right after graduating and so did may of my classmates.
  6. by   Amiodaronee
    During the summer my regional health unit hires on student nurses all the time. They pay them decently well (above minimum) and it's great experience. There's also PSWs as others have mentioned.
  7. by   Lucydog14
    6.25? My old hospital pays $24 four r PSWs.