NICU Scrubs

  1. What do you wear in the NICU? I assumed scrubs but after watching a few youtube videos of nurses at Sunnybrook & Sick Kids in Toronto, it looked like the RNs were dressed in street clothes. If you work peds or NICU, what do you wear?
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  3. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    You were probably seeing their NPs and lactation consultants. Staff nurses in both NICU and PICU wear scrubs same as all the rest of the hospital. Some hospitals provide greens for their critical care staff, some don't. Some have dress codes that stipulate what colours, etc may be worn. My hospital provides greens but I prefer to wear my own scrubs and have only worn greens once, after a patient fell asleep on my lap and peed all over me.
  4. by   Fiona59
    Our NICU is a mixed bag. Own scrubs with a peds theme top. Hospital issue pants with tee shirts with NICU slogans.
  5. by   LemonDrop1234
    Thanks for the insight. Are you located in Canada? The individuals in the videos were definitely RNs.
  6. by   Guy in Babyland
    The video I found on Youtube of SickKids had a nurse in a pink NICU t shirt and scrub pants. The person changing the diaper in street clothes is the baby's mother. What it’s like to work in the NICU - YouTube
  7. by   vintage_RN
    I work in a NICU in Ontario. We wear own scrubs but many nurses wear t shirts and we also had our own shirts made with slogans on them so many nurses wear those.
  8. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    I just watched the video linked in Guy in Babyland's post. The woman in street clothes is seen kissing the baby on the head... and although I won't lie and say that doesn't happen with some of us NICU/PICU nurses, it's highly doubtful any of us would allow it to be filmed for all to see. Professional boundaries, infection control, any number of other ramifications! There is a shot of the same woman earlier in the video changing a diaper, and both of the other women in the shot are wearing T-shirts and have lanyards around their necks. Those are the nurses.

    Just as an aside, the only work I have ever done as a nurse outside of Canada has been presenting on critical care topics at conferences, so yes... I AM "located in Canada". I have worked in neonatal and pediatrics my whole career and one of my own children was a patient in both NICU and PICU. In Canada.
  9. by   LemonDrop1234
    That was unnecessary defensive.