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I am an international student in Canada. I recently passed Nclex and Jurisprudence exam and left with language proficiency. one of criteria of language proficiency is that your employer sent a... Read More

  1. by   samreet.gill
    Quote from Hsandhu0588
    Hi navjot ... i need some information regarding letter for english requirement..
    Hi can you please email me the letter for employer.

  2. by   samreet.gill

    Can anyone help?
    I need a sample letter for employer.
    Cno asked for employer letter.
    Please reply if anyone has gone through this.
    My email is
  3. by   RKHOWAJA1

    Can you please share with me you email address or contact number. I need an assistant regarding english proficency.

    I would be really grateful to you.

    Many Thanks

  4. by   het22
    Hello Navjot I am in the same boat, I passed NCLEX-RN and Jurisprudence exam only Language left.
    I have 3 years of canadian experience as medical lab technician and 1 year as HCA. could you please advise me about the employer reference letter and waiver procedure ? I don't know how to start so please contact me on or email me your contact number and I will call you.

    I will appreciate your help.
  5. by   Spadz
    Hi nerdynurse23.

    Can you help me, i am trying to provide evidence on my language proficiency. Is it possible to ask for a sample of letter of requesting CNO that i will have my employer send the evidence of language proficiency? Thank you
  6. by   sndpsekhon
    Hi Rjem.
  7. by   sndpsekhon
    Hi Spadz ,

    I need your help regarding the proficiency letter to CNO. My email contact is
  8. by   shashi2000
    Please help

    Hi can any one please help me with the format of how your teacher had written English proficiency letter to the CNO?
  9. by   Nicol07
    I need your help about Language proficiency for the CNO. I know that the CNO needs two letters one from me and another from my employer.
    1- Letter from my employer:
    I need a sample letter which confirms and verifies my English proficiency in Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading. Would you please help me with "reference letter format "from my employer?
    For example how the employer can verifies that I can write, listen or read in English? Do you have any sample letter? If so, I'd really appreciate if you could share your information about the letter.
    2- Letter from me (applicant):
    Also, do you have any sample letter to show how to request the CNO committee to review the letter of employer?
    Many thanks.
  10. by   sk1987

    If someone has sample format about how the employer should verifies that we can write, listen or read in English?

    Please share here...

  11. by   Dixa
    Hi everyone, is there anyone who can help me about letter for English proficiency?
    please send your letter which you wrote for CNO on-
    I just wanna see a format and what to include in that..
    Thank you in advance