Is this normal?

  1. Hi nurses,
    Can anyone please tell me if it's normal to be seen only by the nurse (Rn, not nurse practitioner) during a doctor's visit at a doctor's office in Ontario.
    Thank you
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  3. by   Fiona59
    What was the appointment for? Routine BP checks? Immunizations?

    Not enough info for us to tell you. And over the years, who had you been seeing at your visits?
  4. by   vintage_RN
    I often just see the RN at my doctors office depending on what I'm being seen for. Sometimes she will go consult with the doctor but I don't see him.
  5. by   innovative.nurse
    The doctor is on vacation, so the RN does everything including diagnosing and prescribing medication. I know the Ontario government approved changes to the nursing act this year re: prescribing medication, but rn's are still not authorized to prescribe medication autonomously. I was just wondering under what circumstances can a registered nurse do all these things
    Thank you
  6. by   Castiela
    If you are concerned, your best bet is to contact the college of Ontario nurses and describe your experiences and concerns as they regulate nursing scopes of practice. I know in BC, there is are increased scopes which RNs can train for but I don't believe it includes diagnosing? I have no clue if Ontario has something like that. Are you sure they were not an NP?
  7. by   innovative.nurse
    I am 100% sure she was a registered nurse.
    Thank you
  8. by   dishes
    Did you ask the RN under whose authority is she diagnosing patients and prescribing medication?
  9. by   jennylee321
    Seems a bit sketchy to me
  10. by   RN_Pro
    Very sketchy. I would contact CNO. In some cases, when RN's are employed by physicians there is a power differential and some RN's might feel inclined to stretch the rules temporarily rather than say 'no' to their employer. They shouldn't do this, but some do. They are putting their license at risk. It is seen a lot when Public Health units go to inspect physicians' offices. Nurses are on the line for improper use of the autoclave, for example. Their license is on the line as it is their responsibility to ensure all rules are followed in order to uphold their license. But often as the employee of the physician, few speak up.