I'm a RPN with hearing impartment. Can I work in OR?

  1. Hello..

    I'm an Rpn with hearing impairment and wear bilateral hearing aids. I've always wanted to work in OR. But I'm affraid I won't be able to perform my job successfully due to my disability. It's not about my skills it's about how work under presssure and manage around the team , specially when everyone wears a mask. The team works under pressure and there won't be patience for me .. I'm
    sure .. but I hate giving up my dream ...

    Any advice would be appreciated..
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  4. by   brownbook
    I am confused. Is your hearing impairment your main concern, (do your hearing aids fix the impairment)?

    Or is working in an OR under pressure your main concern?

    I don't work in the OR, but am hard of hearing. I completely understand about seeing people's mouth's is crucial, but I finally got hearing aids and it isn't a big issue anymore.
  5. by   Fiona59
    Routine surgeries aren't "under pressure". Trauma's yes, lap cholis, C-sections that are scheduled, etc, relatively stress frees.

    You at more likely to be stressed out by the Type A personalities found in the ORs and the eye rolling over the masks.
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    My Cochlear implants have a wireless lapel mic that you can clip on the doc or whoever you need to listen to during the surgery, The mic is made by resound and I know it also works with their hearing aids. Maybe something like this is available for you. No way I can do surgery with CI's, But hearing aids are probably much more doable.
    Hearing aid wireless accessories | ReSound

    Or have them wire the entire OR with an FM system and mic everyone. heh....
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    Just concern about co workers being nasty due to lack of patience and frustrated that can cause complains about me when i have trouble to hearing them while wearing a mask.
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    Exactly .. and them complaining about my disability .. because they would frustrate
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    Wow! Thank you so much .. I will check this out !
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    Quote from Nurse1577
    Exactly .. and them complaining about my disability .. because they would frustrate
    In a room, the surgeon is all powerful. It's about keeping the surgeon happy notvnurses