Canadian nursers leaving to work in the USA.

  1. I am a 2nd year nursing student in British Columbia. My concern is that so many nurses are leaving to work in the US (5,400 Ontario nurses). We are losing trained nurses and this may result in a worse shortage than we already have. How do you feel about this trend?
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  3. by   canoehead
    I left Canada after 6 years per diem. If they wanted me they had their chance. No sympathy here.
  4. by   fergus51
    I feel annoyed that hospitals and the government don't seem to care enough to make the province attractive to nurses. They are also going to Alberta from BC. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how to keep them. I left for another province and don't regret it for a second.
  5. by   epg_pei
    I listened (eavesdropped) the other day as a 4th year student narrated a letter she was writing (recipient unknown) discussing the current shortage. She talked about whether the shortage was genuine or a fiction of the media and governments. She asked why, when governments talk of nursing as a way to return something to our communities, do they make it so difficult for new nurses to do so. Nothing but part-time positions available in our province for new grads, as I understood her to say. Her frustration was more and more evident as she reviewed her letter.

    I am considering my own future, even though I am only in the 2nd year of my program. Do I want to return to my own province, at the age of 40, to work part-time paying off a student loan and rebuilding the RRSP I will have depleted? No. Does the idea of a full-time job in another province/state sound appealing? Hell yes!

    As the other poster said, "No sympathy here."
  6. by   RN Student-NIC
    Thanks fergus51, canoehead, and epg-pei.
    Your comments are appreciated.

    Any ideas what could be changed to keep nurses in Canada?

    RN Student-NIC
  7. by   fergus51
    Give them full time jobs, training in specialty areas and good ratios.
  8. by   epg_pei
    Quote from fergus51
    Give them full time jobs, training in specialty areas and good ratios.
    Ditto, and do it FAST !!!
  9. by   TraumaNurse
    Canada will continue to lose nurses to the US as long as they are treated like they are currently. When I graduated 9 years ago, there was no work except scattered casual where you were lucky to get 8 hrs/pp. I moved to the US, 3 months after graduation and had a full time job ever since with as much OT as I want. My salary is almost 2 X what I could make in Canada and I have more opportunities for advancement (I start CRNA school in about 2 months). Sure, I miss Canada and I love to visit my family, but fact is, I will never get the respect, autonomy, security, opportunity or salary that I can here in the here I stay! Only when the hospitals are falling down around them will the Canadian Gov. realize that nurses are essential to healthcare and maybe then they will stop treating us like dirt! IMO.
  10. by   JACALA_CL
    when i graduated(92), the hospitals in windsor had no (zip zilch zero) jobs for me even though i lived in windsor ,went to the university of windsor for my bsn, so i went to detroit for a job, then a couple of years later when there was actually a lack of nurses in the windsor area local citizens were so very quick to write scathing letters to the editor about the canadian nurses defecting to the usa. hypocrites. where were they wehn i graduating demanding jobs for canadians in canada? did they think i was going to leave a job with 3 years seniority to start at the bottom of the totem pole??

    go where the best job is.

    hey!! NAFTA!!!
  11. by   FutureNurse2005
    I'm not even a nursing student yet, but I know that I will be leaving Canada when I graduate. Unless of course between now and then this mess gets cleaned up!
  12. by   RN Student-NIC
    Thanks Trauma Nurse and Jacala CL.

    To work accross the border, was the processing(papers), fee (if any), and waiting time reasonable?
    Do you have plan to work (back) in Canada?
  13. by   RN Student-NIC
    Thanks Trauma Nurse and Jacala CL.
    To work across the border, was the processing of papers, fee (if any), and waiting time reasonable?
    Do you have plan to work (back) in Canada?
  14. by   moia
    I also went straight to the US after grad and it was a great experience. I got my critical care program done for free and with pay . I worked in critical care immediantly and gained a ton of experience. When I came back to canada I had over 10 job offers.
    I would encourage all new grads to go and get the experience and all the extra qualifications that canadian hospitals refuse to pay for.

    In the US nurses are very well respected by all professions, the culture shock when I returned to cnada was bad. It took along time to break alot of doctors out of the habit of being disrespectful. The families are a perfect horror here after the US. In the US patients and families were deeply respectful. Here in canada nurses are not valued so expect a real shock when you come back. The other thing about working in the US is your nursing collegues are respectful too..they do not believe in eating their young there.
    When I came back I couldn't believe the attitude of senior nurses...thats another nobody calling you junior.
    I look back at my US experience as the best thing I ever did.