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OK, we've all heard that they are eliminating 100 managerial positions. We got the OT ban announcement last week, followed by the "part timers should pick up shifts before OT is permitted" (well,... Read More

  1. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    No, I'm trying to avoid reading any of those pandemic memos. I'm not thrilled with the notion of wearing an N95 mask and goggles for 13 hours at a time since NONE of our patients are able to comply with cough hygiene... and we don't have 2 meters of vacant space anywhere so there isn't any way to be more than 2 meters away from a coughing patient.
  2. by   RGN1
    Just seen on the news that they've created a committee to oversee a committee (so to speak) boy they know how to spend their money wisely!!

    This is in reference to the closure of psychiatric beds in the Province. More money to more shiny bums that they'll get off the backs of nurses no doubt!!

    Oh & I've given up reading those H1N1 bulletins too:-)
  3. by   RGN1
    Quote from janfrn
    Last night at the request of a mutual friend I spoke with someone who has applied for one of our vacancies. She's already an AHS employee from another (former) region. My friend asked me to give this nurse the good, the bad and the ugly, not to conceal anything (as if I would!). We talked for more than an hour and in the end she said that nothing I told her will deter her from taking a position if offered... which it will be because this nurse is the whole package... smart, skilled, experienced, educated... with a sturdy backbone. It will be nice to have some new staff who don't need to be spoonfed.
    That's fantastic news, hope it works out for you all
  4. by   bscn_rn_10_years
    I thought I would pass this on and see if anyone has heard anything....Word is that there are job cuts coming..... Recently something happened at the Foothills with 10 jobs (in the Emerg), not sure what or what happened to the nurses that were in those lines, but the lines were eliminated. I also hear that the Urgent care center in downtown Calgary is going to have MAJOR cuts to staff (in the urgent care) and other areas as well. YIKES !!!!!! I am very concerned .....anyone else hear anything????
  5. by   Fiona59
    Uhm, 3-4% across each surgical unit at RAH. If the budget isn't trimmed on each unit then layoffs will start. For some reason they think they will be able to offer the IENs on two year contracts permanent lines before their own longstanding floats.
  6. by   CuriousStudent1108
    Didn't you hear Stelmach's "inspiring" speech tonight? We just need to have "courage" to embrace the "new health care" that the Conservatives have planned for Alberta.

    Truly frightening. Someone get them out of there. I don't want that kind of "courage" in our society.
  7. by   linzz
    I wonder how courageous Stelmach and his cronies would feel if it was their jobs on the line. I just don't know how he thinks patients will be happy with drastically cut services and not enough nurses to take care of them.
  8. by   Fiona59
    Well, it did come out of the man who upon taking office gave himself a 30% salary increase.

    When he came to my hospital to visit a relative, the only reason anyone recognized him was because he had a security detail. We are still trying to figure out if he thought he needed protection from healthcare workers.
  9. by   RGN1
    They're doing this on purpose to create an air of uncertainty & have nurses just being grateful for having a job before the UNA starts contract negotiations!!

    As an aside I'm an IEN but where I work we don't have 2 year contracts, our contract states that our positions are permanent as long as we maintain legal status in Canada. Of course, if IEN's don't get their PR's sorted quickly then I think many will find that their temporary work permits won't be renewed by AHS, so actually we're in a way more precarious position than you think.
  10. by   5cats
    yep, and the centralized intake office doesn't seem to be very fast with their assessments......

    I hope nobody here in SK gets funny ideas too,....but we still have positions open.

  11. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Quote from 5cats

    I hope nobody here in SK gets funny ideas too,....but we still have positions open.

    Yeah, so did we until mid June when they all magically disappeared. The difference is that SK hasn't put all their eggs in the oil-and-gas basket, and they charge the oil companies reasonable royalties so they're not feeling the economic pinch like Alberta is. Corb Lund, an Alberta folk singer (whose band is called the Hurtin' Albertans) recently released a song called "Long Gone to Saskatchewan" that captures the mood here quite well. He sings about how he can sell his ranch here and buy one ten times the size there with no mortgage, and so on.

    Well I'm long gone to Saskatchewan

    Long gone to Saskatchewan

    Where the gettin's good if your gettin' gone

    I'm gonna put my boots and my hat back on

    Adios, goodbye, farewell, so long

    I'm long gone to Saskatchewan

    Long gone to Saskatchewan
    - Corb Lund
  12. by   Fiona59
    UNA. Don't start the LPNs on that topic. We are just not in the mood for another round of being bashed by them. There have been some pretty petty things done by the RNs to the LPNs in my facility lately. It's the first time in memory that anyone can remember incidents happening like this.

    Can we all remember that the "N" in my title stands for NURSE.

    So good luck in your bargaining (I guess the preliminary stuff will be starting behind the scenes soon) but keep your ad campaigns clean and only point out the issues with the government. Remember there are good LPNs and good RNs. Its the human behind the title that is good/bad. So please don't use the "for quality care you NEED an RN" one that was used last time. Because we have patients on our unit that would disagree after experiencing a few of my coworkers.
  13. by   linzz
    I like that "It's the human behind the title".

    All the rhetoric in health care really gets old fast, at least in humble opionion.