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  1. by   bethin
    Quote from Mimi2RN
    Along the same line as the Prozac, we would like something for birth control added to the water supply in the High Schools..and maybe Middle Schools as well!
    What a great idea!!!! I wish we really could do something like that. Nothing else seems to work.
  2. by   UM Review RN
    You know you're a nurse when...

    1. You have a bleach dip for shoes at the entrance to your home.

    2. You use those extra alcohol swabs from your pocket to clean your computer screen and keyboard.

    3. You can't stand in line anywhere without assessing the other customers.

    4. If any of those customers looks really bad, like they might Code, you immediately move to the shortest line the furthest away.

    5. You're the only person you know who has to be at work at the quarter-hour.

    6. You make Christmas ornaments out of empty solumedrol vials and other medical paraphernalia.
  3. by   DocSparky
    Quote from Siouxz2
    LOL!! I'm only a student and have nothing to add, but these are great.
    I disagree... I learn from my students everyday.

  4. by   Super RT
    Quote from no er holds
    More to add...
    1. You tell your family members not to do anything stupid on your days off.
    2. You yell at "ER" the same way your husband yells at football.
    3. Your kids know more about bodily fluids than they do about X-box games.
    4. You never leave the house without a map, stethoscope, and coffee.
    5. You have more uniforms, scrubs, etc. than you do street clothes.

    I can relate to all of these!
  5. by   tlhubbard
    I'm guilty of these:
    1. Keeping those little "sterile" scissors that weren't used out of the pack because they're great for your crafts.
    2. You take home staple removers (to remove from your husband's head) after ear surgery to keep him from driving all that way "just for that"
    3. Use those little extra alcohol preps on all the phone handsets.
    4. Give the cutting device (never used) out of the PICC line catheter tray to your husband to use to cut fishing line.

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