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I once had a pt whose husband seriously asked me if would teach his wife to give bed baths to him. Of course I told him no. Tonite I found this top ten list of worst pt visitors and thought I would... Read More

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    OMG That is funny!!!!!!

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    Odds are if he had most of his penis removed he is no longer the brains in his family.
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    the worst family i had ..oh gosh..this women. anyway her husband came in for a medicare stay and he was weak after his long hospital stay . he was doing therapy everyday and was just plum tuckered out at the end of the day. anyway his wife wanted him to be seen at the er because he was not walking yet....he had stood once at the hospital and according to her should be walking by now. she decided that she could not take him herself cause you know he cant walk yet... so from his room she calls 911 and tells them her husband will be dead within the hour and he needs to be seen right away. she further reports to the 911 operator that we are not tending to his needs and we are the cause of his "premature death"...so the ambulance ran lights a sirens to the facility in order to take this man across the street to the er..they were furious when they found out this man was being taken to the er because his wife did not feel he was progressing in his therapy fast enough.. he was seen then released but she had to take him home cause the facility refused to take him back..oh yeah she signed him out ama....