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:D Here is my most gross, yucky, disgusting nursing story! I was working a night shift on a tele floor as a new Nurse. We had this one poor old lady who was confused and was restrained as... Read More

  1. by   teeituptom
    Howdy yall
    from deep in the heat of texas

    Had a little strange guy come in accompanied by police. Pt was complaining of physical assault with injuries. I go in to do H and P. the male patient elaborates that he was mad at his boyfriend, who in their passion bit him too much in a certain place.
    Bothe the patient and the police wanted me to examine and document what I saw....... I documented, Pt in no acute distress, examination of injuries deferred pending ER MD examination.
    I never did check it out. Th eMD documented all the so called bite marks.
    Thats a MDs job not mine................
    So happy to be a nurse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    doo wah ditty
  2. by   Stefdelrn
    One of the attendings told me that she was called to the med-surg unit because the nurse said that fluid was coming out of a patents ear. She went to the unit and looked in the guys ear and saw some maggots coming out. When she took a closer look some fell out onto the patents gown. Then when she took hold of his ear she noticed under the curl at the top of the ear he had a whole ball of maggots. That she subsequently disturbed and they started to dismember. She said that there were litterally hundreds of them. I think too, thank god I'm an L&D nurse.
  3. by   babynursewannab
    Ughhhh! Ewwww...
  4. by   SuzyQRN
    I was a Student Nurse giving a confused elderly woman a bath.Her mouth was very nasty with dried white stuff all in it.I gave her good mouth care and was leaning in to clean good and she spit.I had my mouth open and it went right in.I ran to the restroom and vomited and kept cleaning my mouth.Needless to say,I learned to keep my mouth shut and keep better distance from that lesson.I still about vomit to this day 15 years later about this.
  5. by   Stud Muffin
    I was working night duty in a medical ward when I answered a young fellows' buzzer. He asked for something to spit in to (with a full mouth). I hurriedly returned with a sputum cup, however he didn't realise there was a lid on it and he hoiked the biggest golly onto the lid that you've ever seen. I yelled at him that there is a lid on the cup and he promply sucked up the golly, took the lid off and spat it into the cup.
    I left the room heaving.
  6. by   LatteGuzzler
    During a wild trauma thrash about 20 years ago, a resident kept running around the gurney pumping up the pressure bags on the blood to make them run faster. I warned him that he was pumping the pressure bags into the little "red zone' that appeared on the attached dial. He ignored me. Suddenly a blood bag on an IV pole above me burst explosively. It was like the scene from "Carrie" . I had to continue on through the thrash, covered with, and sliding around in blood.

    ps: I am awed by some of your stories. I thought I had heard it all when it came to gross, but you guys take the cake.
  7. by   pollux
    I was taking care of a young chronic child on our unit. She was vomiting a lot and we tried everything to convince the surgeon to do a fundo on her without succes. One afternoon, I was helping a colleegue to turn her. She had finished her gavage more than an hrs ago so it was safe. As we turned her around she started to vomit.... a projectile type of vomiting!! I shouted to my collegue to watch out, she turned her faster and my mouth wide open became a recipient for that emisis. I had no sympathy from my colleegue , she just bursted into a laugh... Oh well...... By the way , no I did not vomit but I felt nauseated for a while lolllll
  8. by   dedjames
    Yep there are some really great gross-out stories. Just the sort that are fun to tell in the crowded restuarant early in the morninga after a long night shift :-)

    Mine is from many years ago when I was working in a Burn ICU. My patient was a severe burn, tubed, ventilated, on pressors and in a RotoRest bed to stave off ARDS. If you ever worked with one of those beds (do they still use them? Never sure that they actually worked) they have access panels/doors on the bottom of the bed to get to the patient so you didn't have to disassemble the bed or take them out of rotation. A colleague had just helped me do dressings on the man and we were cleaning up when the sure sound and smell of a Jevity-built Plastipoop struck us. I rorated the man over and crawled under the bed, took down the butt-hatch and cleand him up. I was covering the pad with a Chux, preparing to close it back up when he let go again... While I was still under the bed... Under the hatch. Sure enough he let go his load right on my head.

    The men's locker room didn't have a shower, so I had to use the women's. The whole time I was showering my darling colleagues kept poking their noses into the locker room to ask me if I'd hurry up 'cause they needed my help to clean up a patient.


    Just one more story in the Naked Hospital.
  9. by   monkijr
    [QUOTE]Originally posted by Stud Muffin
    [however he didn't realise there was a lid on it and he hoiked the biggest golly onto the lid that you've ever seen. I yelled at him that there is a lid on the cup and he promply sucked up the golly, took the lid off and spat it into the cup.

  10. by   nerdse
    Yuck.....have had all sorts of stuff like this and more but a lot of the gross stuff happened in OB, how did you OB sorts miss out....I didn't. OB's must get that way from what they do but they really act ugly sometimes. One of them liked to wipe his snotty nose on the nursery nurse's scrubs so she had to change... but one of the not quite so gross but still good ones -- a nervous new dad makes the mistake of walking into the unlocked doctor's dressing room instead of the dad's dressing room and falls right over the married doc doing some 'comparison shopping' with his office nurse right at THE MOMENT....and the idiot yells at the new dad and it was his wife's OB. Not physically gross but definitely makes you sick... if you are going to philander, be a bit discreet; at least lock the door. I hope that OB got a little, shall we say, "bone trouble" out of that one. He had it, er, coming....
  11. by   foresteif
    I think the grossest thing that has ever happened to me as a nurse has got to have happened about 20 years ago when I first started working at a nursing home. I had a female elderly patient that would eat ANYTHING, we had to be very careful what we left near her as it would inevitably end up in her mouth..... one afternoon one of the CNAs I was working with called me into her room .................. there was something strange hanging out of her rectum... it took a few for us to figure out exactly what it was, it turned out to be an entire pair of pantyhose!! (not to mention all the feces mixed up in them) To this day I have no idea how this little old lady managed to swallow this item without choking to death... the really gross part of this story was our attempts to dislodge said item, eventually (Thank goodness) successful.
  12. by   Tinaboo
    Tough job nurses hav eh.
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  13. by   birder101
    oh my gosh. the peanut butter sandwich in the vag...a is great. What a hoot. I thing that is even funnier than the nursing home porn star. obviously, these two need to get together.