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what are some of the most ridiculous or outrageous things patients have asked of you? i am nurse one of two nurses with 4 patients the other night in delivery. place was hopping. i answered the light... Read More

  1. by   legsmalone
    ONe night, we had a pt in his late thirties, s/p MVA on the floor, whose nurse asked if he wated anything. He says "sure, a brunette" So his nurse thinks it would be funny if I walked into the room and said "So, you asked for a brunette." So, its 3am, I think it would be funny too, go back, drop the line, the guy gets a bit fl;ustered, we tell him its a joke and walk out. Just before shift change, the guy comes to the station and under his breath lets me know that he does have a private room and could use a massage, also, did I have a boyfriend?

    Lets just say I haven't done anything like that again!! :imbar
  2. by   FranEMTnurse
    :chuckle Hi there Legsmalone,
    It sounds like that little remark backfired on you bigtime.:imbar Did you get teased about it?
    Years ago, a co-worker and I were teasing an elderly man who shuffled when he walked. We were sure he was unable to do very much, so we were joking around with him while taking care of another resident.
    He yelled for us to turn around:imbar and to our great surprise, even though he couldn't walk very well, we saw there was nothing wrong with his U NO WHAT!
  3. by   tabbeycatt
    Originally posted by mother/babyRN
    She asked me to scratch her ass...In those words, exactly...I was taken aback and she had to have noticed my facial expression as she quickly countered that she couldn't reach and her husband, who was wide awake next to her, didn't want to do it....I am ashamed to say that I did put on some gloves and not too willingly scratched it


    I just can't believe she asked you to do that! (and you did it! LOL!)
  4. by   FranEMTnurse
    We never know what a new day is going to bring do we Tabbeycatt.
    Well, at least you didn't have to remove an impaction from her butt. God only knows what would have happened if you had to do that. :chuckle
  5. by   legsmalone
    Originally posted by Frances LeMay
    :chuckle Hi there Legsmalone,
    It sounds like that little remark backfired on you bigtime.:imbar Did you get teased about it?
    sigh....yes I did
    But it wasn't merciless teasing, the nurse who came up with the idea couldn't stop laughing though:roll
  6. by   FranEMTnurse
    I don't doubt that.:roll :roll:kiss
  7. by   Darlene K.
    I work in a pediatric urgent care and one night about 10:50 pm (10 minutes before closing) a couple brought their 4 year old in with an ear ache. I brought the child in to triage and ask the mother the reason for the visit. She explained that earlier that day she had taken her child to her PCP and she was given amoxil for her (R) ear infection. So why is she here tonight, I ask? Because now her left ear is hurting!
  8. by   ChainedChaosRN
    Years ago in a LTC facility I was working at, we had a female head injury and a male muscular dystrophy get married. It was nice, family, staff all supported the marriage. After the marriage of course they shared the same room. Two beds hooked together. All seemed well. Then....about 4 days after the marriage she called me into the room to speak "privately". I was the day shift supervisor and she wanted me to leave directions for the 3-11 shift to come in at 9pm every noc and position her on him (fully), and she would put the call light on when it was time to get off <koff> or maybe a little after I told her I understood her dilemna, but it was beyond the call of what staff does. They needed to improvise.
    Of course...I had a little fun with the 3-11 shift for a few minutes as one of the tasks that were added
  9. by   NurseGirlKaren
    Every night?? Wow, that's more action than I get!!!!!
  10. by   FranEMTnurse
    Hi Darlene,
    I con only reply with, "Duh!"
  11. by   FranEMTnurse
    I wonder if they had human monitors. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!
  12. by   ShandyLynnRN
    Well, I had a patient last night that was "a few bricks shy of a load" you could say. Ya know the kind... when you are talking to them they are looking right through you like everything you say is over their head, even when spelled in the most elementary way. I took her (postpartum) stool softener to her, and said "this is the stool softener your doctor wants you to have so it will be easier for you to have a bowel movement". She asked "what's in it?" I said, "a stool softener... I can't remember the name off the top of my head (had a brain fart or something at the time)". SHe asked me to find out. So I go back into the med room to look. Then I go back and tell her, "it's called surfak, it has docusate and some calcium in it. It is to help you have a BM". THEN, she asks... does it have penicillin in it?" ??!!??!!???? Just struck me as, well... duh! I explained to her that penicillin is an antibiotic for treating infections, and not found in stool softeners.

    A few hours later, I had another patients (first night postpartum) husband come to me and say, "my wife is very concerned because she is having some light vaginal bleeding". Ofcourse, I explained to him that bleeding was expected for a week or so after having a baby. I realize that not everyone reads up on pregnancy and such, but still!
  13. by   FranEMTnurse
    Hi ShandyLynnRN,
    There's not very much to reply to those experiences except, "DUH!"
    By the way, I have lots of brain farts all the time, and the condition seems to be increasing daily.


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