what a doc!

  1. After putting liq. haldol in the orange juice I was taking the tray into the residents room just as her Doc came in. I sit the tray down near the doorway and left while they visited. After the Doc left the room I immediately returned to take the resident her tray, to notice the orange juice was gone. The resident wasn't mobile, but fairly alert. When ask if the Dr. had given her her juice she said "No, he drank it."
    I did stop laughing long enough to call the Dr. to let him know what he had taken. And, yes I did make out a med error report!
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  3. by   l.rae
    l know l'll be sitting out some orange juice cocktails now...LOL!..this is hysterical...how did the MD react when you told him?.............................. LR
  4. by   WashYaHands
    What did the doc say when you told him?

  5. by   Retired Nurse
    First he said "Who ordered that?" (There were 2 doctors on her case.) Then "Well, I've drank her orange juice before" I ask him if it was opened, which he said it was, and told him he probably had the haldol before too, as most of us used the OJ.
    Some of the other nurses suggested other Dr.s that could use some!!!
  6. by   Sleepyeyes
    now see....my luck, i woulda gotten in trouble for leaving the med unattended in the room or something....
  7. by   Mama Val
    Thats what he gets for thinking we provide him with room service.
    What a schmuck
  8. by   shannonRN
    gross...i would never drink or eat anything that had been sitting out opened in a patients room. who knows what could have been in there...
  9. by   maizey
    That's hysterical. Can't wait to share that one. I can think of a few docs I'd like to give a haldol coctail to.
    Speaking of OJ and the power it has over people
    Had a patient once who loved OJ so much , while he was in the hospital his wife went and bought him a large gallon of just so he could have it anytime he wanted . What she failed to bring him was a glass the size he was used to at home.
    On rounding with the Dr and checking chest tubes Our patient was sitting as proud as a peacock in his cardiac chair drinking his OJ from the largest container he could find. His Urinal , Yes OMG the Dr didnt skip a beat I was about to fall out , I had to leave the room. Im not sure if he had even used the urinal for its intended purpose but he was as pleased as one could be , because he had his OJ and the container had a handle..
    True as the day is long..
    Zoe :roll

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