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Every so often I'll hear lyrics on songs on the radio that remind me of nursing... Here's a couple of examples I've heard on the radio recently, unfortunately I can't remember who sings either of... Read More

  1. by   NurseRotten
    Quote from bighousenurse
    "One Moment in Time", by Whitney Houston...everytime I hear it, I think of being on the stage at my pinning ceremony. I remember the instructor's sitting in the first 2 rows of the auditorium, and when the speaker announced our class, they all stood up first and applauded, followed by the rest of the room. I bawled like a baby! Our class had so many hard times, personal and otherwise. It was nice to see their support, for as hard as they were on some of us going through school, there was a reason for their "madness". I look back on those times, and am thankful they were the way they were. That song still chokes me up.
    Funny, but I remember my pinning ceremony everytime I hear "Chariots of Fire." My friend said that her mom graduated from nursing school in the early 80's and that was her pinning ceremony song. We all laughed about it when our class was trying to come up with a song.

    The song that we walked in the auditorium to was by Enya. We also had "Hero" by Mariah Carey play at one point. I don't care much for Mariah, but the lyrics apply. As a nurse, I don't really feel like a hero. I'm just a person with the education and technical skills to change lives.

    I laughed out loud when someone in the class suggested the Styx song "Come Sail Away." To me the lyrics suggest death, possibly an untimely death. My DH says it's about alien invasion.
  2. by   jaquelynne
    "Trouble Me" Natalie Merchant/10,000 maniacs...beautiful song....
  3. by   NurseRotten
    An old song, We Gotta Get Out of This Place by The Animals.
  4. by   NurseRotten
    Jerry Lee Lewis - "A Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On"
    Status epilepticus
  5. by   Mustang Sally
    Lightning Crashes by Live...kind of sad but sometimes true.

    Lightning crashes, a new mother cries.
    Her placenta falls to the floor.
    The angel opens her eyes.
    The confusion sets in,
    Before the doctor can even close the door.

    Lightning crashes, an old mother dies.
    Her intentions fall to the floor.
    The angel closes her eyes.
    The confusion that was hers,
    Belongs now to the baby down the hall.

    Oh now feel it coming back again.
    Like a rolling thunder chasing the wind.
    Forces pulling from the center of the earth again.
    I can feel it.

    Lightning crashes, a new mother cries.
    This moment she's been waiting for.
    The angel opens her eyes.
    Pale blue colored iris.
    Presents the circle and puts the glory out to hide, hide.
  6. by   jill48
    i'm a fool to do your dirty work - steely dan
    the end - the doors
    how to save a life - the fray
    one - metallica
    comfortably numb - pink floyd (best song ever written)
    four cornered room - w.a.r.
    baby love - supremes
    babe - styx
    it ends tonight - all american rejects
    someone saved my life tonight - elton john
    shiny happy people - r.e.m.
    head games - foreigner
    jaded - aerosmith
    whipping post - allman brothers
    so cold - breaking benjamin
    surrender - cheap trick
    fix you - coldplay
    radium eyes - count zero
    let the bodies hit the floor - drowning pool
    long time gone - crosby, stills, nash, and young
    blackbird - beatles (reminds me of an episode of er)
    high enough - damn yankees
    golden years - david bowie
    people are strange - doors
    five to one - doors (i think of this when doing cpr b/c the
    ratio of compressions to breaths used to be 5-1)
    she's gone - hall and oates
    gimme back my bullets - lynyrd skynyrd
    that smell - lynyrd skynyrd
    pain - three days grace (i hate this song)
    fly to the angels - slaughter
    night shift - can't remember if it's the commodores or
    earth, wind, and fire - i think the commodores
    vasoline - stone temple pilots
    glycerine - bush
    owner of a lonely heart - yes
    live like you were dying - tim mcgraw
    everybody hurts - r.e.m.
    stayin alive - beegees
    live and let die - guns and roses
    manic monday - the bangles
    closer to the heart - rush
    every breath you take - the police
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  7. by   jill48
    Quote from santhony44
    old song- don't remember any details:

    it keeps you running!
    i think that was michael mcdonald.
  8. by   bighousenurse
    Quote from santhony44
    Old song- don't remember any details:

    It keeps you running!
    The Doobie Brothers...

    (Michael McDonald was in that band before he went solo)
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  9. by   jill48
    Quote from bighousenurse
    The Doobie Brothers...

    (Michael McDonald was in that band before he went solo)
    Thank you. I knew I knew that voice.
  10. by   olol765
    Don't know who sings it: "I'm not crazy I'm just a little impaired... "
  11. by   nursesaideBen
    Precious Pain- Melissa Etheridge
    What we'd like to inflict on some of them sometimes hehe

    Bring Me Some Water- Melissa Etheridge
    For those shifts where you go 12 hrs with nothing to drink by the time you leave your mouth is a cotton ball

    Who Wants to Live Forever? - Sarah Brightman
    Fort that 98y/o full code unresponsive, bedfast, PEG tube, breaking down everywhere, in A-Fib little old lady

    Kozmic Blues-Janis Joplin
    For all the depressed pts on your unit

    hehe all I can think of right now
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  12. by   VAC
    Knockin' on heaven's door--multiple artists
    oo that smell-Lynyrd Skynrd
  13. by   reesern63
    "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane:

    "One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small. And the ones that mother gives you don't do anything at all."

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