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So, im getting report from this really dry personality nurse. (nothing wrong with that). And she tells me the patient had had a bilat lobectomy and I JUST COULDNT STAND IT ANY LONGER, so I say "Oh... Read More

  1. by   susanmary
    Or the patient I recently had that thanked me for the "viagra" -- it was VIOXX -- something I reminded HER!
  2. by   ptnurse
    My father was put on detrol for bladder control after prostate surgery. He ran out of the med so he went by the urologist's office and asked the nurse at the desk if she had any samples of midol that he could have. That produced some really strange looks.

    Had a nurse give me report one day on a patient that "fell off an ATM" My first question was 'why was the man on an ATM to start with?' She answered that he was riding the ATM when he fell off. The man had been riding an ATV.
  3. by   dv8rn

    OMG what do you do with the ear rings.!!!!
    I'll have the giggles from that long after report, thanks.