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  1. by   sunnygirl272
    Originally posted by OBNURSEHEATHER
    Um, yeah rusty. Your dog had a real nice a**!

    Seriously, your dog's a beauty, so is the horsie!

    and sarah too!!!
    OOps! Typical of me to leave out the human!

  3. by   zumalong
    Lets see if this does it.
    Attached Files conesus-lake-jpg
  4. by   zumalong
    It worked, but I wanted to send a pic of my smilie boys. Oh well. This is not even a good pic.
  5. by   NurseDennie
    Rusty - I LOVED your pictures! Okay, so the first one didn't show your doggy's face, but it's a great SNOW picture!!!! And you could see the doggy in the picture with the sweetie and the horsie, so that worked out great.

    And Sunnygirl - your dog is gorgeous, too. I love GSD's. You can see (or at least I can) a lot of GSD in my Lulu, as well. She's very intelligent and goal-oriented in a GSD sort of way. I'm having such fun - I'm going to see if I can find pics of the other livestock!


  6. by   sunnygirl272
    denie--i was just teasin abou tmy doggie bein better than yours....lulu is awesome..they can entertain each other at the allnurses reunion...just don't let daisy eat the bones from heather's turkey...
    <------ Heather and her turkey are feeling picked on!

    Everyone keeps forgetting that I wouldn't bring a turkey anyways! I'm world-famous (or maybe it's city-famous... or perhaps just suburb-famous) for my cakes & candies! Those are the goodies I would bring to my dear nurse people.

  8. by   NurseDennie
    Aawwwwwww.... I saw Heather as the last poster on this thread and I was thinking I was about to see what Bud D Dog looks like.

    Pout, pout pout!

    Time to show us the puppy, please, Heather!!


    Oops! Here he is...
    Attached Files mydog-jpg
  10. by   Weinzel
    Here is my little girl, isn't she adorable?

    Attached Files syd-jpg
  11. by   live4today
    everybody's photos look so nice!

    here is a photo of my middle daughter and her son. this is the daughter who is a nurse. see any resemblance??? :kiss

    ***be sure to scroll over to see the big picture after you click on to the link provided. if you don't, you won't see the photo...i think.

    sunday...june 30...i think the family photos have been up long enough, so today i came back to delete them. it's that family protection thing i have as a mom coming out in me. a few days was good so you all could see the kiddies and grandbabies, but the time is up. sorry if you didn't get a chance to see them. happy sunday everybody!
    Last edit by live4today on Jun 30, '02
  12. by   Dplear
    yeah....come on Heather I wanna see your pets I mean....

  13. by   NurseDennie
    Weinzel - she is beautiful. She looks like fun!

    Here's a nice-size kitty.


    Attached Files bigcat-jpg

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