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In the hospital where I worked a couple of years ago, a very well known hockey player came for healthcare after an accident...girls were all upside down...and you, for which famous star would you be... Read More

  1. by   Absolutely13
    Quote from SASQUATCH THE NP
    DANG....... too much estrogen flowing here... Gotta throw in the Testosterone point of view which so far is partially correct.

    Alyssa Milano - ANY haircut she wants
    Reese Witherspon
    Jennifer Love Hewitt
    Taylor Swift (once she's legal.. lol)
    Nancy Travis (ok, so I'm showing my age)
    Holly Hunter (again I am showing my age)

    I'm sure there are a few more I can think of, but, cerebral blood flow is limited momentarily
    Alyssa Milano...yes!

    Keep the crash cart outside the door and stop calling me "Mouth breather!"
  2. by   AngelfireRN
    Oh, Lord, let's see...

    1) Criss Angel (the man gives me chest pain just on the TV)
    2)Johnny Depp
    3)Vin Diesel (and I don't believe he's gay)
    4)The Rock
    5)Steve Tyler (I don't care if he is old, and if the girl who lives next to him needs a roomie, let me know!)
    6)Mark McGrath (from the band Sugar Ray)

    Extra shifts, heck, I'd move right in!
  3. by   britgirl37
    Russell Crowe, and as none of you have mentioned him I guess I'll just have to have him all to myself!
  4. by   MaryAnn_RN
    Ben Affleck
    Owen Wilson
    Ben Stiller
  5. by   Starr1966
    1. Matthew McConaughey
    2. Johnny Depp
    3. Burt Reynolds
    4. Sebastian Bach
    5. Jon Bon Jovi

    Just to name a few :heartbeat. I'm sure there are more lol, but all I can think of at the moment. I'd absolutely love to be Jon Bon Jovi's nurse the most! That man takes my breath away! D
  6. by   Starr1966
    Quote from lpnflorida
    sean connery could put his shoes under my bed anyday,,oopps i mean i would give him very good nursing
    that is exactly how i feel about jon bon jovi. i'd be the best nurse he'd ever have. he could have anything he ever wanted lol. he does it for me. that man still has it going on after all these years. i think he is a wonderful artist and oh so easy on the eyes. redpinkhe
  7. by   Starr1966
    oh crud!!! sorry about the double posts on this topic, my browser messed up so i didn't think it work. . i guess there is no doubt though who i love......jon bon case there is any question. :lol:. once again. i'm sorry.
  8. by   deyo321
    Brett Farve.
  9. by   ShelleyERgirl
    Alexander Skarsgard from Generation Kill and True Blood. Yummy! If you don't know, the shower scene from Generation Kill says it all. whew,(wipes drool off keyboard)
  10. by   ShelleyERgirl
    Whoops, shower scene from Swedish movie, "Hundricket", not Generation Kill, my bad.
  11. by   Mariposa88
    I'd love to nurse Tony Romo's pinky back to health...ok so that was a while ago but hey, I'd give him great care, and volunteer for the night shift too.
    And most the guys from prison break too, LOVE to be Sara Tancredi
  12. by   Absolutely13
    Quote from Absolutely13
    Alyssa Milano...yes!

    Keep the crash cart outside the door and stop calling me "Mouth breather!"
    To avoid confusion, the crash cart is for her.
  13. by   abbaking
    Agnetha Faltskog (the blonde singer from 70's band ABBA).....i would care for her professionally but while singing Dancing Queen and Waterloo!!

    "...You are the Dancing Queen, young and sweet only 17
    Dancing Queen, Feel the beat from the tambourine"

    I could go on and on


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