Nursing 16 years and learned something new...

  1. and learned it the hard way!
    I was leaning over the end of someone's bed yesterday trimming some pretty skanky of them flew up and landed right in my open mouth!!
    Yuck yuck yuck! Can you gargle with the antiseptic handwash????
    Note to self.....wear a mask AND close your mouth when trimming toenails in the future!
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  3. by   thsnursluvsgeriatric
    I think that your pic pretty well describes it.

    I had someone's tubing from a leg pain poop loose from an over full bag.
    yep, right in the face.
  4. by   sharann
    We are never too old to learn something new! Don't toenails have protien? I learn new things every day. For example, if I need to frain a Foley I remember to check to close that little clamp(yes I admit I forgot to last week)
  5. by   Tweety
    OMG!!! I'm sorry but I can't help but did put in the humor section so, I guess you are at that stage.

    Don't feel bad, I once had a trach patient cough a hung of juicy sputum and hit my closed lips. Thank God it didn't go into my open mouth.
  6. by   CHATSDALE
    yuk yuk yuk

    nursing has such unforgetable moments...

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