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  1. by   Momto3RN
    Definition of ETERNITY:

    Four bottled-blondes at a four-way stop!

  2. by   longtimecoming
    A blond tells her husband one day, "I'm bored! I need a new hobby." So the husband takes her to the store and buys her a puzzle. Six months later, after working on it in all her free time, she runs to her husband, "Honey! I finally finished my puzzle! I must be really smart, huh?" The husband says, "Well, it DID take you 6 months!" The blonde replies, "Yeah, but the box said 3 to 6 YEARS!"
  3. by   tris
    OOOOOOOOOh----bad and to think I too am a blonde but fun anyway.
  4. by   lgoins
    A friend recently told me that there are no new jokes. Just jokes we've replaced the "victim" in. To prove it, take any joke about bottled blondes, rednecks, ethnic groups, or whatever & insert George Bush. It makes a great joke & there's no need to make up a new one.

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