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  1. by   KIWIRN
    my husband has picked up heaps from me since we have been together, he now educates his co-workers on the importance of geting chest pain (tightness) checked out and usually informs them the type of medication they will probably be prescibed along with the side effect and what questions to ask their Dr.
    Sometimes he's just a regular know-it-all
    When i was a student he used to tell our friends I HAD to watch ER and the likes it was homework and I could get extra credits for it (i'm sure some believed him), he watches these programs with me and sometimes suprises me by picking up errors and asking appropriate questions
    he was pleased when he scarred his hand (and best vein) so now I can't talk about doing IV's there
  2. by   micro
    great thread brian.

    i have woke up my husband because his snoring is not right!!! also have marvelled over his veins and said "gee i wouldn't have trouble getting an iv started with you!"

    life is never what you plan. this year finds my husband in lpn school. now we will both be nurses.

    yiikes, no excuses then. any bad habits, we know better!!!!??? :/

    not any sympathy for ailments, etc!!!:/

    how was your day at work will bring on a whole new meaning!!!

    we have now seriously discussed our advance directive preferences!!!! (he used to never want to discuss such things, now he is out there and seeing.....)

    now, my work stories don't "gross" him out. we no longer hear "not while i am eating".


  3. by   Whisper
    I am only just training to be a nurse but according to my friends I all ready talk in code, and I just got thrown out of their house for screaming at the TV when a "Nurse" put tippex on a patients chart!!! as far as I, and tutors are concerned that is a cardinal sin, can you imagine what I would be like if I was allowed to watch "medical" programes such as ER or Casualty???
  4. by   wrkoutgirl
    Originally posted by NurseNikki2001
    yes, it is very nice. On the good side, it is also nice when your relatives call you about a new med or procedure that their doctors want for them. they want our aproval first. I was asking my husband for months about a medication his doctor put him on. i did not see a reazon for it, i was not 100% sure b/c i am a new grad and have litle confidence in my judgement, but i kind of know my stuff. finally my husband asked the doctor during his next visit, months after and yes, i was right! he took him of that med. i also nagged my 21 year old daugther about asking the doctor about refering her to a gastroenterologyst after many other wasted meds and referals. she finally listen to me and this new doctor found her to have irritable bowel disease, guiding her with the diet i had been sugesting for months. she is a lot better. whe i have the time to watch ER or the learnig channel i also tell my husband what they are doing, what is going on, and so on. He also says that i am spoilling it . i find my self getting out of bed and looking at the books when i want to criticize them to make sure i am right. most of the times i am monica
  5. by   bonde0613
    I am marrying into a family with a CV ICU nurse (my fiance), an ED nurse (Mother-in-law) and an EMT (Brother-in-law). My future father-in-law (a pastor, but that's a whole 'nother point(!) and I find dinner time particularly fascinating......I didn't think I had a steel stomach, but I guess I was wrong.

    When I first started dating my fiance, I would catch him not holding my hand - but - taking my pulse..... I want to be a nurse.....
  6. by   mattcastens
    Originally posted by bonde0613
    I am marrying into a family with a CV ICU nurse (my fiance), an ED nurse (Mother-in-law) and an EMT (Brother-in-law). My future father-in-law (a pastor, but that's a whole 'nother point(!) and I find dinner time particularly fascinating......I didn't think I had a steel stomach, but I guess I was wrong.

    When I first started dating my fiance, I would catch him not holding my hand - but - taking my pulse.....
    It's true ... I've also held her hand and thought, "Great veins!"

    [From bonde0613's fiance]
  7. by   countryair41
    One night when I was working the ER my son called complaining that his eyes were "itchy" and red. I said it's only allergies take some Benadryl you'll be fine. He called back about a half hour with the same complaint I told him stop being such a wimp just go to sleep. 10 min later my mom called and said did you know he was welding today without safety glasses! Needled to say he burned both eyes. As we were leaving the er with both eyes patched i let him walk into a door to make sure he learned his lesson.all he said was "Mom you have more sympathy for your pt's than you do your own son" Guess what he's never weld without safety glasses again!
  8. by   Sleepyeyes
    Originally posted by ganurse
    I couldn't stop laughing!!

    My husband also gets upset with me, especially since he's started working out. What is it with men and their enormous---veins!! I was sitting in the movie theater the other day, just holding my husband's hand (or so I thought) but he quickly pulled away because he said I was feeling for his veins!!

    I could hit those without a tourniquet AND blindfolded!!
    Ganurse, this is tooo funny!! In the same "vein," when I was doing 12-hour shifts on MS, I finally got to enjoy an action flick with my hubby. As we're sitting there holding hands during the exciting chase scene, he casually turns to me and says, "Look, if you wanna hold hands, fine. But quit taking my pulse, ok?"
  9. by   psnurse
    My daughter doesn't come to me to tell me about her sore throat without a flashlight She never calls to come home from school because her brother set the go back to class example.
  10. by   jeezlawheeze
    Not only have I been asleep and have asked my husband if he needs help turning over, but my then 4yo daughter would listen to me on the phone when I was on call for Hospice. She had heard me more than once telling a family member what to do for their agitated loved one,ie.Ativan. One day after picking her up from her preschool her teacher was telling me Shelby was definately the daughter of a nurse. Apparently a little boy had been acting out that day a Shelby said to the teacher "Ryan is agitated, give him some Ativan." Oh the things they say.
  11. by   nursechris1
    Well,I also subscribe to the theory, no temp, no emesis, no coming home from school.
    But, I do get tired of my husband whining,and not doing anything about his s/s.
    He went thru a long pd of chest pain, told me he was dying. I told him to see a dr. He did, they gave him rx for muscle relaxer, no ekg done. I told him to GO BACK and get an ekg. He did, comes home says ekg was normal. Now what, I ask. He says dr didn't offer anything else. AAAAAHHHH. I sent him back one more time, this time I told the md that I wanted him to have an upper endoscopy. Surprise surprise,,, hiatal hernia, NO sphincter tone, stomach acid has free path up the pipe. Had surgery No more chest pain. If it weren't for me, he would still be suffering and whining. Who needs doctors when you have nurses.!!
  12. by   NurseRachet
    Living in a neighborhood of elderly people and on a "killer curve" we have had several accidents across the street from my home and illnesses in the neighborhood - and yes, guess who do they come and get??? One night at 3 am, we had a horrible motorcycle accident in front of our house (one of many accidents that have occurred there). Of course, everyone came to get me up. I asked them where was the driver - they said they didn't know, nor could they find him..I replied, well just call an ambulance, I am sure he is fine. I went back to bed. Soon, my husband said, get up - you have to go see where the guy is. I climbed out of bed, put some clothes on and dragged myself across the street. Well the guy was up in the pine tree. I crawled in to find him, he fell off of the limb right in front of me. I dug pine needles out of his mouth, nose and ears and assured that he was breathing. Later I found out that he had a broken neck, back, both arms and both legs. He survived and came back to thank me for staying with him during the ordeal. If he only knew what I originally said when my husband wanted me to get up.....oh well, he survived.
  13. by   flpednurse
    Originally posted by juliab
    My husband and I are both nurses. Cardiac nurses no less. We are a blended family with 4 girls, 16,15, 11, 5. One day when the older girls were watching TV my 5 y/o walked through the living room as the 15 y/o was saying "what are they doing?" my 5 y/o paused briefly looked at the TV and said "Geez, his heart has stopped so they are defribrillating him!". She also monitors smokers telling her grandpa that if he continues to smoke he will get lung cancer, bronchitis, yellow teeth and look much older than he really is.

    Julia A Bennett
    It's so nice to see that I'm not the only one in the world of nursing where their kids talk medical...LOL ..I have three children and one day they where outside, when my son fell. My oldest ( daughter ) took c-spine control and told her other brother to call ME.....When this happen my daughter was only 6 years old. I am a nurse, CPR Instructor and also used to be an EMT for a rescue squad. It's really easy to find out which parents of the children are in the medical field. Just listen to them talk.