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warning the following contains large amounts of australian humour these questions about australia were posted on an australian tourism website and obviously the answers came from a fellow aussie.... Read More

  1. by   RedKat
    OK, I have one that pertains to New Yorkers...

    Whenever I meet someone who's never been to NY, the first thing they ask me is something like "So, what's it like to live in such a huge city?"

    Well, I wouldn't know - I live in the mountains, VERY far from any city with more than 30,000 people! People often seem to assume that New York state is just one big city. No, it is not - we have thousands of acres of beautiful countryside - and yes there IS life in NY outside of NYC!

    Although I must say that I have been to NYC and it's a really neat place!!! But for a place to live, give me my countryside any day!
  2. by   Giggles
    Now - here are some dumb questions for our Canadian cousins

    1. Do you really have snow in Canada?

    Yes, and if you are looking for a real treat you must try the yellow snow with vodka because it is the best.

    2. What part of the Niagra falls does Canada Own?

    N-ia-gara Falls - Canada owns the part that you can legally rent a barrel and go over the falls, just make sure hydro doesn't turn off the water first.

    3. Is Canada close to the Antartic?

    Yep, do you know where St John's Newfoundland is? It is no where near there!

    4. Do Canadians have to chip the ice off the bath tub to take a bath?

    No......Unless you are a polar bear from Montreal.

    5. Do you really use dog sleds to travel around all the time?

    Yes, but they tire easily, and they make a lot of yellow snow so it is great eats. Make sure you book a ride when you come for visit.

    6. Are there Polar Bears in Montreal?

    Yes, they are frequently spotted on the St Lawerence River, splasing and playing about. It is a great tourist attraction.
  3. by   Shamrock
    :chuckle :chuckle
  4. by   FutureRN~Pookie
  5. by   FranEMTnurse
    My thoughts on Canada prior to crossing the border:

    1. Wow! I'm going to go to a foreign country! I've never been to one before.

    2. Canada sure is one big country! I wonder if there are any towns and cities with names there, or are they all Montreal, Canada, Ontario, Canada, etc.

    My thoughts concerning the food preparation in Canada after I crossed the border:

    1. I walked into a sub shop and asked for a roast beef sub, thinking I was going to get cold roast beef, lettuce, mayonnaise, and tomato slices. Instead, I was handed a hot roast beef sub with lots of salt and mustard on it. I didn't like it one bit!

    2. Four of us entered a restaurant and we ordered a pizza. When we bit into the slices, the only thing we were able to taste was salt. We drank all the water that was set before us, and when the waitress asked us if there was anything else we would like to have, we all asked for more water. By that time I decided I didn't like the way Canadians cooked their food. Too salty for my taste.

    3. My youngest daughter met a young Canadian from Welland, Ontario, they got married, and my grandson was born in St Catherines, Ontario.

    1. I learned that yes, there are many cities, villages, and rural areas in Canada with many different names.

    2. I also learned that there are very good Canadian cooks. My son-in-law, and his mom are among them. I just happened to stumble onto the worst of them at first.

    3. And no, Canada is NOT a foreign country. :hatparty:

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