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I thought I would post this to be the 1000 post in this forum. What if Jerry Springer (WHERE does he find those people and do they really exist?) did a show on bad patients who do you vote for... Read More

  1. by   Nursie30
    How bout the geriatric lovers?
    We have a couple now that go at it and forget to shut the door sometimes.........What a show
  2. by   jadednurse
    Once had a female patient who was admitted w/ a pretty torn up rectum that needed surgical intervention. Apparently she had a "foreign object" inserted in her rectum. Come to find out the woman, who was intoxicated (surprise, surprise) admitted to drinking a bottle of vodka and engaging in some pretty rough anal sex w/ the father of her 3 children in celebration of her 30th birthday. 2 questions came to mind: 1) exactly how "endowed" was this father of her children? and, 2) why was she still celebrating her 30th birthday when the chart revealed that she was actually 39? I of course had the pleasure of hanging the "nothing per rectum" sign above her bed! Definitely a Jerry Springer moment!
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  3. by   canoehead
    Celebrating her 30th birthday- FOR TEN YEARS!!!!

    No wonder her poor little patootie was so worn out.