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Another post (about stupid things patients say) made me think about this, I don't know if it's been posted before. But I have an elderly family member who says these things (and will not hear... Read More

  1. by   tetovari
    Here in Macedonia/Kosovo everyone believes that hepatitis can be cured by seeing some old lady who specializes in cutting a slit in your inner upper lip with a razor blade. They say "cut your hepatitis" and you are cured. *****
  2. by   Exhaustipated
    I haven't read all the way through the thread yet (boy, this one goes WAAAAAY back!), but it reminds me of a bit from one of my favorite movies: My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

    "Put a little Windex on it."

    I've always wondered if there's any truth to it.
  3. by   Vespertinas
    In my family/culture it's bad luck to show things on yourself (regarding ill health). Since I started nursing school, I was ALWAYS demonstrating wounds/drain/incisions on myself to describe something I had seen to my family and they jumped from their seats every time to stop me. They still do that, and I keep doing it. hehe
  4. by   egglady
    I heard an old wives tale of putting garlic drops in the ears of a child with ear ache! Stinky!!
  5. by   Vespertinas
    Yep! warm oil and a small piece of cotton. Just did that a couple years ago on myself

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