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    i just started my first nursing job this month and i have already been grossed out. Last night I had a pt that had surg for tounge CA. unable to get up she poo... in the bed ( which i have no problem with) but she put her hand down there (while i was getting some more sheets) and proceeds to wipe it all over her inc. on her face. I told her to stop and cleaned her hand and face then while i wet another wash cloth she did it again. now i wouldn't be upset but she was alert enough to follow commands and when i told her that i would have to get an order for restraints to protect her from infection.. she started cooperating. Go fig!

    these other stories are soooo gross.... especially the earwax:imbar
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  3. by   RNConnieF
    Sounds like you need a Psych consult.
  4. by   AlaskanRN
    I can handle most any bodily fluid...or what pts choose to do with it...with one exception...

    I absolutely cannot deal with green sputum whether the pt hacks it up...or you get it from deep suctioning.

    I can clean up blood...vomit...urine...feces...i have even wiped vitreous humor from a pt with a fish hook in his eye...but we all have our limits...

    I have been lucky so far, working in a small ER, I have been able to trade pts with the other nurse...I'll take all the eyes if she'll take the green snotty

    good luck newatnursing...hang in there and you will soon enough become immune to most of it...
  5. by   monkijr
    Originally posted by AlaskanRN
    [B]I can handle most any bodily fluid...or what pts choose to do with it...with one exception...

    I absolutely cannot deal with green sputum B]
    I am with you Alaskan RN, did you read the post in most disgusting stories, where the pt gave a sputum sample, spit it on a closed lid, then sucked it up only to spit it out again into the cup? Oh my GAWD, I get sick writing about it.


    I hate Sputum!!!!!! You and I would have to flip a coin.
  6. by   Dr. Kate
    What's really great is when everyone working a particular shift has something different they just can't stand. Me it's the sound of crunching bone--as in drilling burr holes or putting in bone pins. I wasn't real good with scrapping bone in bunion surgery as a student either. Makes me shiver to think about.
  7. by   debbyed
    With me it's spinal taps. I'll do ANYTHING else if someone else will assist with the LP's
  8. by   zudy
    Dr. Kate, I'm with you. Crepitus makes me ILL!!! So does the smell of vitamins, yuk!! But the earwax story is the absolute worse I have heard of in 20 plus years.
  9. by   ballyk
    Years ago I was home nursing in the UK. On man I looked after was chair bound for most of the day. He refused to leave his chair for anything (other than Pressure care)

    So he used this BEAUTIFUL waterford crystal bowl to urinate in AND cough up his emphsema filled lungs into. He would only let me empty it once a day!

    I HATE SPUTUM!!!!!!

    I still feel sick to the stomach thinking about it!

    I tried to encourgae him to use a bottle but he prefferred his bowl!

    Funny thing was after he died , his family offered me the bowl!!!
    LOL I just couldn't accept it. :chuckle
  10. by   lisamcrn
    Sputum is the most gross disgusting horrid thing I ever encounter. Poor guy today keep spitting out his in the emesis basin this week....YUCK. And his family hands me the darn thing when I am, hello, I don't do that.

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