Funniest real orders you have seen in a chart? - page 50

To start things off, the best and funniest order I have seen on a chart, was in the discharge instructions for a trauma patient. It read simply Darwin Consult and was signed by the... Read More

  1. by   nightshiftnut
    doc wrote the following order: tell patient a joke every shift.
  2. by   talaxandra
    I assume a dippy egg's a soft boiled egg with toast soldiers
  3. by   catshowlady
    Or over easy, so you can 'dip' the toast in the egg yolk. Presumably the order was written to get around the policy many places have against serving undercooked eggs.
  4. by   pooh54
    The bad old days.....we would give shots of liquor (po) to prevent the dt's, nothing like going into a pt's room to find them in full dt's 'cause no one knew they were drinkers. My first was a ery pale sweet little old lady who had an IVP, for some unknown reason she was the general blue-green color of the IVP dye, and was seeing snake, spiders, crocs, etc in the swamp on her room floor. Still can't get that color out of my mind!!!!
  5. by   Aneroo
    Quote from mskate
    i hate these ones. "elevate HOB to eat", "only feed when pt is fully awake", "wash hair", "trim beard and hair today", "elevate scrotum" ....
    It's kind of like the warning labels on some household items: Do not use hairdryer while in shower, etc...
    Someone, somewhere, won a Darwin award for doing something brilliant (insert sarcastic look here). Same thing with the above- someone tried to feed grandma her mashed potatoes while she was in trendelenburg or half asleep...
  6. by   TuTonka
    did so it said root LOL
  7. by   redshiloh
    Wash wound with soup and water QD
  8. by   psalm
    Quote from redshiloh
    Wash wound with soup and water QD

    Does it matter what type of soup: cream, broth, consumme?

    How about flavor/spice? LOL, good one!
  9. by   roser13
    just saw it yesterday....

    "scd's to suction"
  10. by   blondeoverboard
    "squeeze balls at beside, prn"

    patient was meant to have those little sand filled balloons for hand exercises
  11. by   Mike A. Fungin RN
    The university I went to for nursing school also offers a DPM (podiatry) program. One of the fourth year podiatry students was told by his preceptor to go write "Strict Is & Os" in the chart and instead wrote "Strict Eyes and Nose."

    Evidently it was posted in the nurses' breakroom for months.
  12. by   diawc
    A few years ago was working in a small community ER. Doc wrote order on pt with sore throat "ask patient if she's given oral sex to anyone other than her boyfriend"(who was in the room). Turns out pt was a stripper, and in front of her boyfriend admitted to it. Did the culture but didnt wait for the result, just started her on abx and sent her on her merry little way
  13. by   kkluczynski
    "send urine for a UA/CNS"